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Christmas Preview

Steve and I had a lot of fun on Saturday taking pictures for our Christmas cards. Since I am home today praying I don’t have a kidney stone I figured I would finish our cards and post a little preview up here, especially since I haven’t posted any pictures lately.

It is so much fun having a husband I can be silly with. He takes such good care of me. Yesterday he made me my favorite cookies- oatmeal with cranberries, pecans, and white chocolate chips. Delicious! I wish I had more time to bake for him, although I don’t really want the time to come by way of sick days… I’ll be content for now.


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5 More Things… For Fun

Angie asked me to write some things that are more specifically about me, and since it is a slow day at work today, I thought I would.

I was the “Little Red-Headed Girl” in my high school’s production of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.” I was no longer attending that school at the time, but I was dating “Linus.” I wore a short denim dress and leggings, making me look very pregnant. No wonder Charlie Brown blushed everytime he looked at me!

When I was 17 I testified in front of the House of Representatives as a proponant of the “Bully Bill” in behalf of the PTSA. I mostly spoke about my own experiences in the public school system. The bill was eventually passed into law, and the legislative process became very real to me.

My first car was a 1980 Datsun V210. I bought it from a guy living in a storage shed, and I’m pretty sure I was the first person to take it out of Yakima. It was so small that I could park in the cart return at Fred Meyer. It lacked power steering, so I developed really strong arms. The transmission died in 2004 when I towed in improperly to Utah. U-haul took the blame for not telling me I did it wrong and gave me some money. That was nice of them, I had to sell my car to the junk yard for $50.

I once sued JoAnn Fabrics (don’t hate me, Angie!) for discrimination. I only accepted the money for lost wages, although I was pressured to try and get more out of them. I just wanted them to change their policies, though.

I’ve seen every Harry Potter movie on opening day, most of them at midnight. I’ve also dressed up for most of them. The same goes for the last 3 Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings series. I love movie lines. People are silly and excited, everyone plays games and eats pizzas together. The weirder you are, the cooler they think you are, because they are all weird too. Its lovely. I actually enjoyed the movie lines more than most of the movies!

Did I surprise anyone? Am I the same girl you thought I was before you started reading?

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Tag You’re It!

We’ve been tagged by Keith & Stacy! Here are 5 things you may not know about us….

1. Steve and I wake up every (weekday) morning at 5:00. My family has scripture study and we join them. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Steve leaves for work with my Dad as soon as we finish reading. I try to stay awake those mornings to get things done, but I’m not very good at it yet.

2. Steve was recently accepted to Western Washington University in Bellingham! He was chosen from among more than 900 applicants to fill the 315 spaces they have open for the January term! Now we just need to figure out how to pay for it… and where to live… and get jobs… But we’re excited!!

3. I basically had to talk Steve into giving me the time of day. I called him first, I asked him on the first several dates, etc. I invited him to go with me to the Harry Potter premiere with me on July 11th of last year, revealing my nerdy-likes to dress up side, but he didn’t even consider it a date until a few months ago! Thankfully he became my home teacher and was forced to call me up once in a while, so our little family could have a chance to start.

4. Steve and I have matching freckles- a little loner freckle above our kneecaps. They are on different legs but that just means if I stand facing him they line up.

5. Steve has more than 90 harmonicas! Okay, I’m exaggerating, but he seriously has a ton of them. Whenever I find another one and exclaim my surprise at the need for so many (I mean, seriously, he can only play one at a time!) he gets a little defensive and reminds me he needs one for each key. I think he is trying for one for each piano key myself….. In other words, my husband is a fantastic harmonica player.

I’ll tag…. Kat & Ryan!

Here are the rules: List the person who tagged you. Mention the rules on your blog. Share 5 things others probably don’t know about you. Tag fellow bloggers. Enjoy!

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My Grandpa is writing his life story.

He tells me stories with names of 4th grade teachers that are full of details, like types of automobiles and facial expressions. I have been trying for a week to remember some experiences from middle school after realizing I couldn’t remember my science teacher’s name, and that was certainly a lot less than 70 years ago!

I need to be a better history keeper. I once made a timeline of my life, and I’ve decided it is something I need to continue and to elaborate on. First I need to find the one I made!

Another goal this week is to get started on my wedding album. I’m afraid those memories will too soon be filed into the part of my brain that sucks details into a black hole only to be pulled out with patience and tender caresses.

I’m so happy that Keith and Stacy came to visit this weekend. They fill my heart with joy and make my life seem to come into focus and realize things are so much simpler. I don’t know how they do it, I only know its a feeling that only comes from being with family.

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