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Rock ’em, Sock ’em

Last weekend Keith & Stacy came up for a visit, and we went to Ben’s house so Keith could deliver his Christmas present. It was fun watching my brothers play like they did when they were kids, I love this picture. Good gifting, Keith!!

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I’m excited. I’m getting back into keeping a regular journal. I think I may actually keep it up, too.

I’ve decided for my journal this year, I am going to write down at least 1 thing I am thankful for that day, as well as something I learned that day. It is important to me to make sure I’m always learning. I’ve also started using the prompts from the One Minute Writer when I journal. It helps me to practice my writing skills, and to remember memories I wouldn’t otherwise include in my journal. This is definetly the most fun I’ve ever had keeping a journal!

Here is (part of) my journal entry for today:

January 15, 2009

Today I am thankful for “Honey-do” lists. Steve told me that he likes it when I leave him a list of things to do while I’m at work. And if I leave him a list, he does everything on it. It is fantastic! Today he cleaned up his clothes off the floor, washed our sheets… and I actually can’t remember what else, but he loves to be helpful and I love him for it.

Today I learned… the word adjuvant. Well, maybe. We’ll see if it sticks. It is a pharmaceutical term which means taking one agent to change the way another agent works. I’m also learning that my supervisor is lazier than I thought!

Today’s one-minute writing prompt is “If you could be the best in the world at something, what would it be?”
I think I would be the world’s best cookie-maker. Fancy frosted sugar cookies, jelly-filled thumbprint cookies, oatmeal cookies with the perfect ratio of cranberries to white chocolate chips to pecans. I would make cookes that made tears dry and tummies rumble, that made little eyes grow big and dark eyes sparkle.

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Steve and I are trying to learn how to use GIMP, a free-ware program that is sometimes compared with PhotoShop. This is the picture Steve made for me today. He is so talented.

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Mormon Helping Hands

This morning Steve and I had the opportunity to be a part of “Mormon Helping Hands!” We wore the yellow shirts and carried buckets with the church logo and felt very much like we were in one of those specials you see between Conference sessions.

The state is having a lot of trouble with flooding this year, and we were asked to come serve in Ellensburg this morning helping residents with the problems this has created. We knocked on doors to see who needed help, and what kind, and we helped them to clean-up. Unfortunately a lot of people who could use some help weren’t ready for it and wanted us to come back later in the day, so we had to send other groups to help them after we left, but it was a good experience and I felt good about the service we were able to provide. I have a feeling that the same time of help will be needed again soon, and I hope we’ll be able to be more help if it is.

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Allright, enough is enough, I’ve officially taken too long to post my Christmas pictures. Here are the rest of them, though. For our ward activity we had a “Night in Bethlehem.” Steve and I were Mary & Joseph, but unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of us. Here are mom and dad as the tailors, and Grandpa and Grandma as Bethlehem visitors. The decorating was fantastic, but way too much work, if you ask me. We had a good time, though.

We spent Christmas Eve at the Halls. Ben sat down on Steve’s lap and we realized we were all wearing red shirts, which, of course, meant photo-op. We had a good time reading the Christmas story, playing games, and trading white elephant gifts.

Santa filled our fun new stockings, and we dressed in our matching 1-piece jammies to be festive.

The Kenningtons also had matched jammies. There is something about a bunch of kids matching that is a lot cuter than 2 adults doing the same things.

Christmas morning brought a beautiful snow storm that we thought was going to prevent us from getting home, but the sun came shining through after lunch and we decided to take a chance- the roads weren’t great, but we made it without incident. The snow was perfect packing snow, so Lydia, Charlotte, Steve, and I made a big snowman before we left.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well, and now I can get on with current happenings instead of flashbacks!!

Happy New Year from the Flynns!!

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Stacy Likes Blog Updates

I don’t think I’ll ever have enough time to sit down and type all about our Christmas adventures this year, so I’ll just put them in here a piece at a time. I’m actually at work, and as this is the only picture I have access to right now, you are getting the Santa Clause piece today!

My Grandpa used to dress up as Santa Clause, he had his own suit. He gave it to my dad, who has used it numerous times. This year Steve had the opportunity to use the family suit. Santa Claus came to visit shortly after Steve and I “left” a Sunday dinner with our family. Eric Slade and Bennett Smith were happy to visit with him. When Santa left, I took him over to visit the Cate family. Ethan and Preston were SO excited. Ethen gave Santa a flower to take back to Mrs. Clause, and asked for fortune cookies for Christmas.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap and enjoy this beautiful part of the holiday season with my beloved sweetheart.

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I am From

I have been a slow blogger because I want to put up our Christmas pictures and couldn’t find the camera. Today I found the camera and pictures, but I’m not going to put them up yet, because I’m too tired to make a lot of sense. For the last week, however, I’ve been reading other people’s blogs (strangers, mostly, and I know it is weird). It is kind of addictive, though. Anyhow, one of my favorites is owlhaven.net. If you get bored, check it out. Anyhow, she re-introduced me to the “I am From” poem, and I decided I needed to make my own. Today’s post is a little about my childhood, here is my poem.

I am From

I am from books read by the light in the crack of the door, from Skipper dolls with houses of wood and Ninja turtles spinning on their backs like dreidals.
I am from the grey and blue house painted yellow and green while Mom was in California, in the middle of 24th Avenue, between two old ladies who respectively accepted help in the garden and yelled at you for shoveling their snow.
I am from crocuses popping up in the middle of the snowy yard to announce spring had come, the forbidden afternoons in the maple tree with wooden steps that make it cry.
I am from oysters on holiday mornings with Christmas presents wrapped like animals filling the front rooms, from Smiths and Tolsons and Sunday dinners where Andy and I shared our greatest adventures.
I am from those who cry at the pulpit and baby-sitting should be free so they can attend the temple.
From “she has to come to our house this time” and “will you please vacuum and set the table” and watching mom dance with her broom.
I am from Sundays sitting on pews playing games on paper with brothers, singing hymns and shyly, proudly baring testimony. From reading the scriptures and kneeling in prayer and “sometimes Sunday School answers are the best ones”, from families can be together forever.
I am from Utah and Germany, England and Scotland, sour cream enchiladas and mashed potato mountains.
From a grandpa I met through stories of train rides and not waking up the veterans, and the orphanage he was fleeing. From I’m “helping” dad work in his shop.
I am from photos in albums and boxes becoming digital and put on CD’s, from spending New Years Day giving them labels, and this is my favorite, no this one instead, I remember that, and I hope we go back there again.

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