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New Computer!

I realize I shouldn’t post pictures of myself in my jammies, but I just had to show off my pretty new computer.  See that monitor? Its 24″!!! That means if I look at a picture of my face, it is bigger than my real face!!!! I’m excited. I mean, really excited. We found a really great deal at Staples, couldn’t get it, got depressed, and found this one at Costco which is BIGGER and BETTER and still got a great deal.  I’m still not happy we were robbed, but I’m definitely feeling better about it.


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I Need to Learn HTML

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, you ready?…. I kinda hate my blog…. I’m terrible, I know, but I really suffer from great-blog envy. The content isn’t necessarily what is irritating me (although I know it could use some work), but the layout is driving me nuts!!!

You see that widget on the side for “Martha Stewart’s Cookie of the …..”? It is supposed to say Day, as I’m sure you realize, but I can’t make it work so you can see the whole thing. Alas… Also, I want tabs! I want better picture options! Check out The Pioneer Woman’s Blog. Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it make you want to abandon my silly blog forever? Sigh..

Anyway, the point of all this nonsensical whining is to let you know that SOMEDAY that will be me! I’m going to figure all this HTML garbage out, I’m going to have my own computer (hopefully tonight!!!) and I’m going to rock the heck out of this blog business, just you wait!

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The Perfect Time

For Valentine’s Day I got the most comfortable robe in the world. Not only is it what you would find in Webster’s to define “plush” and “warm,” it is also BRIGHT red. Happy, cheerful, “Good Morning!!” red.

This robe has caused some significant life changes for me.

My morning routine used to be this: Get up, stumble into my (somewhat boring) robe, head downstairs for scripture study with the family, stumble back up the stairs, and back into bed. Eventually I would get back up, head to the bathroom and race the clock to get ready before I’m late to work. No more!

Now I wake up, put on my soft new robe, and luxuriate in its warm embrace. No more getting back in bed. No more hurrying into my clothes when I’m done showering. Now I sit and read a book, or check my e-mail and do a little writing. Morning has become the perfect time of day.

I’m more productive, I’m more cheerful, and I have more energy. Not to mention I am taking a little time to myself each day and it seems to be doing wonders for my attitude.

I highly recommend you each evaluate your robe and see what you can do to increase its wearability. Let me know how it goes.

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When the 12 year-old you are “house-sitting” asked if she and her friend could “play in the front yard,” my response was “If you don’t get hit by a car or freeze to death.” I averted my eyes as she walked past me a few moments later carrying a tent and several blankets.

When I ask, “have you done your homework?” the answer is always “yes.” I avert my eyes when they hide a note from the teacher stating they have some missing assignments.

When I was asked to “house-sit” I was told not to worry about the kids, except to make dinner and occasionally ask if they did their homework. They can be home alone, I don’t need to spend my time here, but please make sure they have something for dinner.

When I wonder to myself, “Is this normal?” I hear a resounding “NO!” But then I remember the money… Its ridiculous what 2 newlyweds trying to get out of debt will do for money.

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Leavenworth and House-sitting

Wow, what a week!

Steve and I had a fantastic Valentine’s weekend in Leavenworth, it was soooo beautiful. We stayed at the Howard Johnson inn, which turned out to be as good as staying at a bed and breakfast. They had a king sized bed, a great shower, a fireplace, fridge, and microwave… and we didn’t hear our neighbors! I definitely recommend it.

About a month ago, the Englund family from our ward asked me if Steve and I would be interested in house-sitting this week. We were excited to say we were interested. Then they told us they were leaving the kids here… not exactly house-sitting. But we are here, and I think we’ll have a good time. I have to stay up an hour later at night to make sure the kids get to bed, and I have to be up by 5:30 to make sure they get ready for school, but that might just make me realize I’m sleeping too much and that is why I’m tired all the time… maybe.

Anyhow, being up earlier will help me to have time to blog, and I’m exited about that. I can sit at the computer after Steve leaves for work, while Dallin eats breakfast and gets ready, and that gives me 30-45 minutes of computer time at my leisure, and I sure appreciate that.

Stay tuned for more adventures in house-sitting!

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Thieves broke into my home and took my things. It didn’t happen to someone else, it wasn’t far away, it happened to me, and my family. What an awful feeling. They messed with my bed- took my pillowcase!, they riffled through our underwear drawers, and they took our things. We don’t have a lot of nice things, but they took our laptops, our camera, my jewelry, and over 100 DVDs. It is hard to think of your home as being as safe as it was before someone came in- it feels open and vulnerable. They took all of my photos. They were stored on my hard-drive, and now they are gone. Luckily I use google docs and most of my documents will be recoverable because they are stored online, but my pictures, they are probably lost forever.

I’m so grateful no one was hurt, no one was home or came home to find the people still in our home. I’m grateful Heavenly Father was watching over Steve and keeping him busy elsewhere. I hope this never happens to any of you.

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A to Z, From Me

Although the idea of sleeping in sounds fantastic, I can’t make myself stay in bed past 8 am on the weekends. Often not past 7.

Blogging has become one of my favorite pastimes, but I usually do it at work.

Cats are lot less smelly than dogs. Steve and I are not dog people.

Drawing is not my forté, but I enjoy it. I know I would get better if I did it more often, but I get discouraged that I’m not as naturally talented as my brothers.

Elementary school was where I got all my height. I haven’t grown more than 3 inches since 5th grade, I was taller than my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Laffy. I’m taller than my husband, too.

Flynn is a fun name to inherit, it rhymes with a lot more things than Smith does.

Google is the number 1 tool on the Internet. I love that I can link my e-mail, blogs, calendar, news, pictures, and search engine. Everything just meshes so well!

Haircuts are one of those things where I understand I should tell the stylist exactly what I want and bring pictures, but I still often say, “Please help, I don’t know what to do. I need a change and I trust you not to make me look awful.” Don’t say this. They always make you look awful when you say this.

I love to read cookbooks and the recipes in magazines.

Jeopardy is one of my favorite dinner-time shows. I prefer not to watch TV during dinner most of the time, but once in awhile it is fun.

Kissing is fun anytime. Even during dinner.

Large families make me happy. I love hearing about other people’s large families, and I read several blogs from people with large families. I hope to have one myself, someday.

Mom and Dad are names that are hard to apply to people you didn’t grow up with, but for me it is just the remembering part. I often stumble when I call my in-laws Mom and Dad, but not because I don’t want to, its because I forget!

Nursery is a really fun calling, and as an added bonus you learn to appreciate Relief Society (and adults in general) more, as well.

On my 24th birthday my husband threw me a surprise party at my brother’s house. He told me he was doing this before he invited anyone to the “surprise” party. My job: act surprised. We had a lot of fun.

Photography and editing photographs are on the top of my list of things I want to learn to be better at. I love photography.

Quilting has become a lot more appealing as I’ve grown up. I used to shrink from the idea (I hated to be exact in my cutting and seams), but now it is fun and the results are fantastic!

Recently, I have started learning Russian. Steve is a slow teacher, though, because we forget to practice and have a lot of other things we do together. I will, hopefully, be taking a Russian class soon.

Sewing is one of my favorite things to do, but I’m really slow to get things done. I even procrastinate doing things I love.

Time is something there will never be enough of. I am saying this now and I don’t even have children yet. Scary thought.

Umbrellas are one of my favorite photography tools. I have a pretty yellow umbrella that I plan on taking millions of pictures with… someday.

Vancouver Washington was the first place I lived without my family. I only stayed there 4.5 months.

When I was very little I went to the hospital a few times, and each time I denied that what my parents said happened had really happened. My parents stories were never investigated.

Xrays would show you I’ve broken my left wrist, and my right big toe. I don’t recommend either, but the wrist was a lot easier to deal with.

Yakima is not my favorite place, but I’m enjoying it much more as an adult than I did as a teenager. I’m sure that most people would say that about the towns they grew up in, though.

Zoos are super exciting places for me. I love to go to the zoo. I have never been to a zoo with Steve.

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