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Cake in a Mug

cake in a mugHave y’all tried this yet? Its amazing.

If you haven’t yet, do it today. Your tongue will thank you.

Cake in a Mug

4 T flour
4 T sugar
2 T cocoa powder
1 egg
3 T milk
3 T applesauce
splash of vanilla

Grease the inside of your mug with cooking spray.
Mix the dry ingredients together in the mug, then crack in the egg and mix to get it thoroughly incorporated.
Add the wet ingredients and mix just until blended.
Don’t over mix.
Cuz I said so.
Put your mug in the microwave for 2 min 30 sec and watch it raise up like a souffle!
When its done I like to leave it in the mug and add some whipping cream and chocolate syrup.
It cools better if you pour it out onto a plate, though.
But it is prettier in the mug.



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I mentioned we were in Sequim last weekend, but I’ve been too busy to say much about our trip until now.

After abandoning my car in a parking lot, we walked onto the ferry at the next pier.  Someone above us was feeding the seagulls so they were flocking to our window.


Normally I would refrain from posting a picture of myself, but Steve was making faces in the ones I took of him.

Did you see that white box in front of me? This is what was inside:

Plane Cake

It was heavy, and a pain in the rear to lug around without a car, but it was delicious and I’m glad we did.  Dad’s birthday was earlier in the month, and it was actually closer to Mom’s by the time we got there with the cake, but Steve had come up with the plane idea earlier and it was fun to do.

We played a lot of Monopoly Deal, while eating cake and popsicles. I mean, A LOT. Hours at a time. And we enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. Games are great that way.


Sunday afternoon Becky’s family came over and we had fun with the kids.

We also played more Monopoly. Lots of Monopoly happened.weird eyes

Maybe thats why my eyes look like they’re popping out of my head.


Umm… you should look at these pictures of my niece and nephews instead. They are adorable and we had lots of fun.



A girl and her doll

Yeah, I married into a cute family. I’ll admit it.

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Car Update

We got a call from our insurance company stating there wasn’t any collision damage to the car and that it is safe for us to drive home. No explanation of the smoke or leaks.  My momma is going to Seattle this weekend and she’ll bring it home for us.

And thats another Unsolved Mystery.  Stay tuned.

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This little girl was what I came home to last night.

She’s pretty darn cute.

She belongs to my lil’ sister. Her name is Remus. She has melted all of our hearts.

This morning before I left for work I had to close her in the bathroom so she wouldn’t get hurt or make a mess of the house. This is what I had to see and listen to as I tried to leave (I wish I could figure out video, I’m really not getting it yet):


My heart nearly broke in two.

Okay, last thing. Wanna make a quick buck? 

First person to comment on this post with the correct reason this little girl has the name she does will get a dollar bill in the mail.

‘Cuz I can.

**Congratulations Leslie! I think I’ll save myself a stamp and just award you your prize by hand, though.

I think she and Jenessa decided that Remus was more “girlish” than Snape or Sirius… but I’m with you.

Check back at the end of the day to see if there are any more random winners!

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Color Flow Technique

My lil’ sister wanted to make a cake for her friend, Jenessa’s birthday.  No big deal, we were already making cakes, we had leftover batter and frosting.  I wanted to teach her how to use color flow technique, anyway.

My lil’ sister is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. And when I say “Harry Potter fan” I really mean Slytherin fan. The Malfoys, Snape, the dark arts, thats her thing. Don’t ask, I don’t understand.

Not that I’m not a huge fan of the books, because I am.

But Jenessa and Liz are much huger fans than I am. Huger in a way that doesn’t have to do with weight because I weigh as much as the two of them put together, but thats besides the point.

The point is this: We made a Slytherin cake!

Here is the pretty color flow crest that we made together:Crest

It was really something. I painted the word with a tiny paintbrush dipped in black food coloring.  It was fantastic.

Too bad we made it the day before her birthday.

Color flow needs several days to dry.

I knew this.

I tried anyway.

I’d show you the movie Steve made of me trying to transfer it to the cake and breaking it into a million pieces, but I would cry just looking at it and you would be bored to tears and we would all have wet faces.

We did, however, make it look half-way decent in the end, and the girls had a lovely time eating the lovely cake.

Good side view anyway!


Finished Cake

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Stranded Goodbyes

I made the mistake of looking forward to my weekend again.

No, the house wasn’t broken into again.

Thank heavens.

We are, however, now stranded. Upon trying to pull into a driveway we hit a curb or something, and soon smoke started pouring from the hood.


We had the car towed, but it was a Saturday and nothing was open. The tow driver said he would take it to a shop first thing this morning. We walked onto the ferry, where my loving father-in-law picked us up and took us to his house.

We’ve had a great weekend visiting and playing games, and it was good to see family.

This morning we are trying to figure out if they will actually be able to fix our car or if we’ll have to leave it and come back for it.

In the meantime, we received some other sad news. My aunt Lois died yesterday. It came as a hard surprise as she had just completed cancer treatments and returned home from the hospital. We thought things were just starting to look up. She will be sorely missed.

I’ll take the opportunity to say more when I have some more time.

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And the winner is…

I got quite a few guesses, and no, I am not eating pork, to my knowledge, at any time in the immediate future.
The winner?
For those of you who didn’t read the comments that were posted on Facebook (some people couldn’t figure out to post here so there were several comments there), hers read “I can’t figure out the pic very well, but I think you are going to become a famous recipe writing blogger. And your pizza post was awesome, funny and delicious looking and I want to eat some.”
I suppose it was closest, in a way.
The answer to my picture riddle? Huckleberry Stew!!!
That’s right, Huckleberry Stew. My blog will soon be moving, changing its format and NAME. It will be easier to navigate between photos, recipes, crafts, etc.
The change is nearly up and running, as soon as I figure out how to make it a little… prettier… it will be ready to go. Stay tuned!!
Oh, and Angie, about your prize… as soon as I figure out what it is it will be in the mail and I’ll update this post. Sorry, I know thats lame, but I know you’ll forgive me.

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