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Blue Man

The other day I was watching television with my husband, and I turned around to see this:

Blue Man

Needless to say, I was worried. 

He has since recovered.


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If you know me well, you know I’m really into birthdays.  I love celebrations of every sort, and the chance to make a cake and blow up balloons is one I hate to pass up.

Plane Cake

Usually, I get to stand back and celebrate other people.  I make a real effort to make sure my friends and family members get a card in the mail if that is all I can do, but when I can be there I want the whole shebang- cake and candles are mandantory.  This excitement also extends to my own birthday.

I love my birthday! I think everyone should take their birthday off work and celebrate, no matter how old they are. Everyone should blow out candles and treat themselves to another scoop of ice cream.

Because that is what birthdays are about!

My birthday is coming up soon, on May 9th. Luckily it falls on a Saturday this year so I don’t have to request any time off work. (Although I will probably leave early on Friday…. shh!)

Last year Steve threw me a “Surprise” Birthday Fiesta at my brother’s house- complete with streamers, balloons, a taco bar, and a homemade pinata. It rocked, we had a blast.

For Steve’s last birthday we had won a free hotel stay at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake, so we booked a room, but then we moved to Washington… Driving to Utah for a free hotel stay midweek really wasn’t a viable option. We both ended up working and his party consisted of dinner with my family and grandparents and a chocolate cherry cake.

Steve turns 25

I think we’ll most likely be celebrating my birthday this year with family the night before, as my birthday also happens to be Prom Day, so Lizzy will be needing to share the limelight a bit on Saturday with lots of primping and priming.

So what else? Any suggestions for a poor newlywed couple who wants to have a fun 25th birthday celebration? I need help! I want to party!

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Weekend Update


I had some fun with paint.


And I didn’t sew a stitch on my sister’s prom dress since  Friday night. Good thing my Muffin Man is going to the video store today. Tonight will be pleats. Wish me luck!!

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Upside down, of course!

I’m finally sitting down with enough time ahead of me to show your our amazing hanging garden project.

We’re very excited to share this with you.069

It started out as a pile of wood.

It actually started out as a pile of treated wood, but before we’d paid for it we realized that my hands were swelling up and my throat was closing and my newly discovered allergy to treated wood made a decision for us.

But I digress.


Then Steve did some complicated math and Liz used her amazing calculator skills, and we figured out where the boards needed to be cut.


Steve is awfully handy to have around, wouldn’t you say? I’m not so great with math. Maybe because I haven’t taken a math class since 8th grade.


Then you cut the wood at the specified length and angles.

Can you believe my camera took this shot on easy mode? That saw blade was cutting that board like butter, spinning at least 100,000 rpms (estimated), and my camera caught it as if it was dead. 

I love when photography works.


Then you screw your boards together, breaking several drill bits in the process, until you have shaped it into something like this:


Make another one of these, then use your long boards to attach them together at the 4 corners.


Then we have our frame! At this point, Steve then screwed on some wheels, because we plan on moving our portable garden around a lot.


Then we painted the wood and Steve drilled in some long bolt hooks from which we could hang our buckets.

Don’t you love Steve’s ingenuity?

I’m specifically referring to his use of the outdoor fireplace as a step stool.

And I’m painting in this picture, not crawling.

Hiding my bum from the camera is actually exactly what I’m doing in this picture.


When it came time to screw holes in the buckets Remus wanted to help.

She wasn’t much help.


This is the way the hole in your bucket should look.


This isn’t. 

This is when you start crying because the lovely green buckets you found at the dollar store work really well but they ran out so you bought some expensive bright red buckets and they crack when you try and cut a hole in them so you have to go to your local Ace hardware and buy some equally expensive and boring tiny white buckets.

I’m only a little worried about the tiny-ness of the white buckets.

But I digress.


Feed the top of your plant into the hole, being careful not to damage the leaves.


Leave at least 1/3 of your plant inside the bucket. 2/3 is better.  Pretend they are roots. Because someday soon, they will be. And you’ll be happy.


Make sure to put in some newspaper at this point, so you don’t lose your dirt through the hole.


Hold your plant up a bit, because your going to need to put dirt underneath it.


Remember what I said about putting dirt underneath it?

It was just a second ago.

Do this now.

And make sure to use your mom’s good Pyrex measuring cups and post incriminating pictures of your selves on the Internet.


Then just fill ‘er up! Wet your soil, hang your bucket on the hook, and step back to enjoy your handiwork.

finished-productTa da!

(Would anyone out there like to teach me how to spell ‘wa la’? That doesn’t look right and ta da at the end of each post is getting redundant.)

Isn’t she beautiful?

Can’t you just taste the tomatoes already?

P.S. We planted strawberries and jalapeno pepper plants in the tops of our buckets. Herbs would also work well.

I hope they grow soon so I can show you.

I’m excited.

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Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast?

Of course! We’re Flynns!

Instead of the regular Domino’s leftovers, Steve and I tried out a new recipe recently, using some oatmeal in the crust to give it a different twist.


We used regular marinara pizza sauce as our base.


Then things got weird. Yes, those are raw eggs.


I used a fork to pierce the white and yok of the egg to get it to spread around better, the egg then completely covered the crust. We had to build up a lip on the crust as we raced the eggs to the edges.


Then a hearty sprinkling of chopped bacon. I love Costco’s “Bacon Bits” that are actual real bacon and not hard chips of red mystery substance.


And I’m sure you’ve heard about my love affair with cheese. We used mozzerella and then topped it with a “Mexican” blend. I don’t think it was really from Mexico, but something about a chedder mix gives it this label. I don’t pretend to understand.


Ta da! Finished product! Our pizza screen was a bit larger than our needs, but it worked well.


Steve really enjoyed it. Can you tell?

I felt it was a little bland, myself, and next time I’m going to try my little sister’s suggestion: A crust of shredded hash browns! I don’t see how that can go wrong, can you?

And maybe some fresh oregano sprinkled on top…

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Happy Earth Day!


To celebrate Earth day I’m going to share with you some of the green things in my world.  Isn’t my grass lovely? I took this picture this morning. Then I had a really hard time getting myself to leave for work.

Rocking chair

This is the fun green rocking chair on my porch.  This picture doesn’t give it justice because I didn’t have time to brighten it up a bit.  I love this chair, but I never really take the time to actually sit in it.


This out of focus picture is of my green earrings. The 2nd pair is butterflies, I got them in Mexico.  Their Mexicanity is what defines them.


This is a lovely green plant that we got from our wedding. I’d give a prize to the person who could tell me what kind of plant it is, but since I have absolutely no clue I would have no way of knowing if you were lying to me or not. 

Ignore the fact that there is a picture of Christ in a vase next to the plant.

And that Dwight’s head seems to be falling out of the plant.

That’s just the way we roll.


Here is proof that we really do sleep in a bunk bed. It is bright red and made of metal. Metal that hurts when you smack your head.  The part you are supposed to be focusing on, however is our GREEN blanket. Isn’t it lovely? It was also a wedding gift. It is made of bamboo. I didn’t know you could make blankets out of bamboo, but that is what the package said. Does having a blanket made out of bamboo fit the other definition of green that seems so popular these days?


And finally, we come to the end. The creme de la creme, perhaps? This is a lovely towel that my sister-in-law Angie embroidered for us. This is Steve’s. I have a matching one, can you guess what it says?  Yesterday morning they were white, but now they are pale green!  Thanks for doing the laundry, honey.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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Wedding Album

I’ve been working on my wedding album for 9 months now.

In my head.

It doesn’t look like much in reality yet.  Just blank space.

My problem is this: Lots of pictures of one thing- none of another.

Our professional photographer, Jessie Lynne, took  a lot of pictures, but they are all just me and Steve, and they were taken a month before we got married because she was in Utah and we got married in Washington.

Veil Pic

We have quite a few pictures at the temple, thanks to Kelsey Pualani, and other family and friends.

Happy Couple

We even have a fun one of Steve at his Bachelor’s Party:

Paintball Bachelor

What I feel like we’re missing (besides the fact that I don’t have a single picture from any of my THREE bridal showers!) is candid shots.

No making the bouquet pictures.

No sewing the bridesmaid dresses pictures.

No Heather putting on makeup at the hotel  trying to make herself look like she didn’t actually miss an entire night’s sleep because her Dad is an incredible snorer shots.

Nada. Zip.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I just feel like these are what make a wedding album a wedding album, instead of a book of 200 similar pictures put together to help you fall asleep.


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