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Summer Vacation

I just wanted to take a few minutes to warn everyone that my blogging will be rather sporadic for the next few weeks.

We will be house-sitting, without the Internet, until August 23.  I’ll do my best to check in from time to time to fill you in on our fun summer taking care of other people’s things.

Have a good one!


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He always makes me laugh

We’ve officially hit the one-year mark today.

Happy Anniversary, Honey.

Life may not look the way we had planned it all out quite yet, but we’re happy!

Steve is always making me laugh, he is the most cheerful, optimistic person I’ve ever met.  For his birthday last year, my grandparents gave him a scarecrow doll because it had a big smile “just like Steve’s.”

Demurely looking at my bouquet

Steve is extremely hard-working. He has spent the last year working at jobs that required him to wake up before 5:00 a.m.  I know he hates getting up that early, but he doesn’t complain.

He is also married to a woman who never hesitates to ask for help, and he never says no. Last night I asked him to pin a pattern piece down to some fabric for me, and he simply said “I’ll do my best.”

Steve’s best is always good enough.

Steve's first glimpse at what he truly had gotten himself into

He never points out my many flaws, and he patiently listens as I tell him about all of his short-comings.  I have never for a second had a reason to doubt his whole-hearted love for me.

For our Anniversary today, we are going to the temple to participate in Sealings, so that others may have the same blessings we share.  Steve’s spiritual nature and love of our Father and fellow man suggested we do this.

We are also going camping.  My idea. Steve’s was a nice hotel room.  He always  lets me have my way.  I’ll try and make it up to him.  I’m a good cookie baker.

Tomorrow we are spending the day at the Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire.  Steve’s fun-loving adventurous silly nature suggested this. I’m happy to be silly with him.

Steve, my darling, I look forward to a million more silly anniversaries and romantic get-aways with you.

Thank you for being everything that you are.

Did I mention he brings me flowers?

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Weird Cooking

Strange things are happening again.

If strange things happen often enough in one family do they cease to be strange?

Ginger Ale

Steve and I made homemade Ginger Ale on Sunday.

I got the recipe from an issue of Vegetarian Times because my husband somehow accidentally got me a subscription to said magazine.

I love meat.

Once, when I was about 11, I went to my Great-Grandparent’s house and my Grandpa Dunn had a whole closet full of bottles of Ginger Beer.  It was the most magical delicious concoction I had ever met, and I have been pursuing the flavor ever since.

This doesn’t taste like that did, but its pretty good.

And it has just enough ginger anti-tummyache quality to counteract the tummyache causing carbonation!

Mexican Stomach Cassarole

In other news, Steve made dinner for me.

We didn’t get to eat it together because our work schedules don’t permit us to look upon each other, but I’m not bitter.

He called me to tell me he made a casserole with the beans I had leftover from lunch.

He named it “Mexican Stomach.”

When asked why he named it that, he told me that it was made out of things you would find in a Mexican’s stomach. Of course.

Rice, beans, lime juice, cheese, chili powder, and chicken.

Yup, I’m willing to bet you could find those things in a Mexican’s stomach.

They are also in my stomach. It was delicious, and I enjoyed it very much.

What weird things are you making?

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I should be…

Emptying the dishwasher
Attaching handles to books
Digging out our camping gear
Making my husband a cake or something to use up the GADS of frosting in my fridge.
Cleaning my room
Organizing my recipes
Writing a real blog post
Naming my photos
Getting birthday cards ready to mail
Thinning baby carrots
Walking the dog
Returning phone calls
Reupholstering my couch
Recovering the Lovesac- or at least cleaning it…
Patching Steve’s pants
Making sure all my thank-you notes have been sent before my wedding anniversary this weekend

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My husband tells me that everyone in the blogosphere is interested in knowing what I got from our yard sale excursion today.

Of course you are!

The goods

4 boxes of books. Some for purses, some for reading…

A game

A portable crib.  I know, I’m not pregnant and I don’t have kids, but it was brand new, beautiful, and $15. It will make a good gift if I don’t keep it for myself.

A patriotic tie.

A lovely shelf with 3 baskets for organizing.

On the top shelf are some cute stamps, mostly Mary Engelbreit designs.


Above that, we got another set of those wire cube shelf system things.  That is the technical name.

A cute Mary Engelbreit picture

A mini-crock pot.

A parking thingy for my dad for Father’s Day so he won’t hit the fence with his truck.

And, finally, a lovely set of Christmas China.  I got the whole 8 person setting, they are just hiding out of the picture.

Christmas China

I think this is the same set my Grandma has.  I bought the whole set for $1.50.

I’m pretty sure the total amount I spent today is less than what it cost my Grandma to buy a single setting of this china.

Happy Yard Sale-ing!

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And I researched 18 different alphabets. I kept tallies of these things.  Because I’m a tally keeper.  Isn’t tally a fun word?

But I digress before I begin.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?


Of course you do. We all do.


Perhaps I do it a bit more than others.

And yes, I should have ironed my green silky fabric before draping it over my stacks of moving boxes, but it wasn’t very polite of you to point that out.

I’m still working on the whole “my still photography isn’t cheesy” concept.

Robin Hood

Check out Mr. Hood, he really must be saying something interesting, you can just tell:

The Hooded Avenger

“You shoulda been there! There were 10 of them, and 1 of me…Poor guys never had a chance…”

The Backbone

Have you ever seen such a lovely group of spines?


What person looking through a stack of books is going to pass this one by? I mean, seriously!

I obviously didn’t.

Ginny Gordon

This is another one of my favorites: Ginny Gordon and the Lending Library.

Something different

Wait a second… this book has a handle! Whatever could it mean??!!


That’s right ladies and gentleman, the book purse has come into fruition.


And not only did Ms. Gordon undergo internal reconstructive surgery, her friends did too!

Why I bought a mannequin

Mr. of Locksley himself has grown some lovely grosgrain ribbon handles.

Thank you for baring my wares, kind Mr. Mannequin.

It takes a special kind of man to model a purse.

This is a beautiful bright blue book purse, and she has been the source of much research for me in the last 24 hours.

An mhíorbhailt

Sporting a lovely black handle, she carries a title that obviously isn’t English. Or Russian, Greek, Hebrew, or Arabic…

Any guesses out there? I googled the author. Mr. Clarence Budington Kelland was born in Portland, Michigan, on July 11, 1881.  He spent many of his years in Arizona.

Nope, its not written in Arizonian.

Much thanks to Sharon Markland, who identified this language as Gaelic. Irish Gaelic to be precise.  It translates as The Miracle.  A 70 minute film was made based on this book, entitled A Woman’s Faith. It was released in 1925.

And I’m going to give this book to one of you.

Now, this isn’t an ordinary giveaway, because y’all have been vying for it already, and you didn’t even know it.

Because I’ve been keeping a tally. Well, WordPress keeps the tally for me, but I’ve been paying attention to it.

And the winner is, Ms. Katherine Bentley.  Kat was my 109th commenter on my blog. Yes, 109th.  I was all set and excited to give the 100th commenter a book purse, but then my crazy little sister went and commented at just the wrong moment, and she already has a book purse.  So I did a little more tally-ing and realized that I have commented on my own blog 9 times, so I waited until my 109th comment.  Does that make sense?

Does it matter if it makes sense?

Showing off my bling

Kat, please e-mail your address to HuckleberryStew@gmail.comto claim your prize.  I’m really happy to be sending it to you, because I know you will appreciate the Irishnessity of it.

Yes, Irishnessity is a word.

Stay tuned for information on my new Etsy site, where I will have book purses available soon! 

Yes, I like teaser posts.  I can’t help it!

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What a weird Sunday!

The first 15 minutes weren’t too unusual- I didn’t want to get out of bed, I didn’t want to take a shower, and I didn’t want to teach my nursery lesson.

That is how the first 15 minutes of my Sundays always start.

But I got up, and I felt better.  I  got ready, colored my little Joseph Smith puppets, and felt better about my day, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but my little brother, walking up my stairs!

I should have realized what was up as soon as he said he just came to visit to go to church with us, but I didn’t. More on that in a minute.

Soon after, my Mom came up the stairs with a message. Her friend had just called looking for a house-sitter.  She needs a house-sitter for 6 weeks, from July 12 to Aug 23. 

After several weeks of praying for help with our finances and to know what would be best in regards to our move to Ellensburg, we feel this is an answer to prayers.  It is a hard choice to not move into our own place, to sleep in our own bed, to open the boxes of gifts we got for our wedding (nearly 1 year ago!) that we haven’t had a chance to use…

But we feel it is the right choice.

Back to Ben’s visit:  I really didn’t know why he came until we walked into sacrament meeting, and there were my Grandparents, sitting on a bench waiting for us.  And then I knew.

Its funny, the little things that should have made me realize it was happening. 

Earlier that morning I had looked out my window  and seen my Dad’s truck and thought to myself, I wonder why he isn’t going to Naches today.

A week or so ago my parents had a mysterious meeting with the stake president.

Not to mention that last Sunday Brother Smart announced that our current bishop was going to be released…

I’m not that much of an idiot, really.  I had speculated about the possibility. I just hadn’t pulled it all together in my head, y’know?

So now my Dad is my Bishop.  Its funny, he was put into the bishopric several years ago shortly after I moved to Utah, and he was released a couple months before I came back, and now he is back right as I’m leaving again.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to stay in this ward for a few more weeks so I can see him in action.

Not that you get to see your Dad too much when he is Bishop.

Stay tuned for my forthcoming Father’s Day post to learn more about my Dad!

*And if you come back to this post later I might actually get some pictures up… I’m writing from work and don’t have access to the ones I need.

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