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Happy Internet Day!

Ta da!

I’m baaack!

Charter was kind enough to come to our house today and hook up our Internet. I’ve spent the last few hours listening to ABBA and catching up on blogs.

It feels so good.

In honor of my happy return today’s post is going to be about something else that makes me happy:

Twice the Value coupons at Albertsons.

I know, weird tie in there, but I’m just so excited I have to share this with you right away.

Ever since I read Aimee Lybbert’s post on her couponing I’ve decided I needed to figure out how to take advantage of this awesome deal they do.

I’ve been combing magazines and store aisles for manufacturer’s coupons, and my weekly Albertson’s ad has these “Twice the Value” coupons every once in awhile.  I can only use 3 at a time (per trip) so it means a few extra trips, but so far it has worked out REALLY well.

Last night Steve went through the line first, with the bulk of our items. His receipt says:

  • Total: $8.98
  • Preferred Savings:  $18. 63 (that was our discount for buying items on sale)
  • Coupons Tendered: $33.88
  • Total Savings:  $52.51

Wow!! $61 worth of groceries for $9!!!

Well, then I went through the line, and I knew I was going to have to show you my receipt or you would never believe me:

Paid to shopIf you can’t see that, let me point out the important parts.

Do you see the negative signs?Those are negative signs.

The cashier actually bagged my items, scanned my coupons, and handed me 57 cents!

I love free, but this beats free, they paid me to go shopping!!

Stay tuned for more adventures in Flynndom coming soon…


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Quick Update

We’re moved in, we love it, we couldn’t be happier- unless we had the Internet. Soon, we hope. Really soon. And then there will be posts and pictures and all that jazz.

Happy Birthday, Steve! I love you!!!

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Movin’ On Up!

Dear loyal, devoted blogdom,

I’m sitting here now to write you this short note in order to inform you that I don’t know when I’ll have my next chance to sit down and write to you.

As soon as I finish, I will unplug my computer and pack it up in boxes. Tomorrow, I will load it into a make-shift moving van/delivery truck (its great having Domino’s in the family, I tell you what!), and it will travel to Ellensburg.

We’re going to have our own apartment!!!!

And as exciting as that it, I’m not sure when we’ll have the internet up and running.   Don’t forget me while I’m gone.

Clap your hands in pure glee for me.


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Tuesday Night Slump

My original starting line for this was “Let’s do 50 posts in one, sound good?”

After 42 failed attempts (failed due to operator error) of uploading my pictures, this is what you get instead:

Someday I'll have piglets

I feel like a big fat pig sometimes, with 13 different things pulling at me at once, even while I’m trying to sleep.

And that includes today.


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