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If you’ve seen my spare room, this post is going to mean a lot more to you.  The difference is fairly intense.

First of all we put in the changing table that has been in my family since I was a baby.

My dad was kind enough to repaint it for me.

Those baskets to the side are something I picked up at a yard sale a year ago, and they just happened to be the perfect colors!

Next to the changing table is her “dresser.”

The top unit holds her socks, shoes, and burp rags.  The bottom drawers are separated to hold her 0-3 month clothes in the top drawer, 3-6 months in the middle, and 6-9 months on the bottom.  I’m hoping we’ve got all we need.  It seems like less than I thought now that everything is put away.

Above we hung the cute hairbow holder my sweet cousin Heidi made for me.  Most of the bows were made by her and my cousin Kela!  They are so talented and have lucky, adorable girls.

I put the headbands in a basket on the window sill.

Didn’t everything come together well?

Even the pink sunset coming through the blinds seems to be inviting my little girl to arrive.

On the other side of the “dresser” we’ll put the crib, once we’re done sharing our room with her. Right now its the only part of the room I’m hiding from you- we still have some things to put away!

But above, I hung some fun embroidery hoops.

The middle hoop is the “embroideread” that I entered in Checkout Girl’s contest.

The rest of the room is really set up for general storage and my massive amount of craft supplies.

I have a shelf of plastic shoe boxes with many smaller items.

The cardboard box holds my cutting mats, and there is just enough room between it and the door for my ironing board.

This bookshelf houses my silly “Childcraft” books that I can’t get rid of, as well as the books I’m saving to use as book purses and several other small items.

The bags are full of other gift bags.  They need a new home.

On the back wall, we have the pièce de résistance!

My parents came over this week and built this cube wall for me (its much like my pantry).

It may be a mess now, but someday this will be a “before” picture.  I’m so happy to not just have all these boxes stacked against the wall.  The boxes mostly hold fabric, and the bins up top hold my batting and yarn.  The bottom cubes have some of Steve’s musical instruments and Evelyn’s toys.  Now I can easily find my stamps, my paper for card-making, my patterns, and a million other little things.

Hopefully this will add up to more fun projects ending up here and in my Etsy shop.

Finally, as you leave, hanging from the doorknob is the very first thing I made when I found out I was pregnant.

There is something soothing about needlework, I’m discovering.

I hope I didn’t bore you with that room tour, but I’m really rather excited about it.

Organization is happening! I have a place to live and lay my baby to sleep!

Life is grand.


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Real Nesting

Yay!  It feels more real the more I get done!

We’ve decided to set the crib up in our room for now, with the expectation of moving her into the spare room after awhile.

And I finished her quilt!

Each block involved some hand appliqué, it was a lot of fun to do.

It took some searching to find all the coordinating fabrics, but I think they turned out really well.

I used cottons for most of it, but the sheep body and middle white block are fleece and the flower, leaves, and sheep face and legs are felt.  The quilt was inspired by McCalls pattern #M5870.

My bumper pads are nearly finished- if only JoAnn’s would get more of their piping in already!  I have 5 of the 6 pads ready.

I should have ironed.

But you understand, its 101° outside, I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and I don’t have air conditioning.  It takes a lot for me to turn on my iron.

Now I just need a little baby to put in my new nest!

I’m sharing this post via Take a Look Tuesday and I Made It! Thursday

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I Should Be Nesting

Good news-  we are 90% sure that we are going to be able to stay in our apartment!!!

Honestly, that is wonderful news.  Not packing, not moving, not commuting from Yakima, not worrying about where we are going to live…


Bad news- almost immediately after making this decision, we discovered mold.

Lots of mold.

It looks to have started at the front corner of our living room and gone along the wall we share with our neighbors, as well as part way down the front wall that faces the parking lot.  Because these walls are lined with bookshelves and furniture, we didn’t notice that they had flooded until everything was already dry.

So now, instead of getting a baby’s room ready like I was SO excited to do, my living room looks like this:

The good news is that it looks like we’ll get new carpet out of this, but they want to wait until the “September rush” is over with people moving in and out.

So, in the meantime, I’m cleaning everything as well as I can.


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Me Today

I’ve made it- I’m full term now.

That means several things to me:

  • I’m  supposed to walk more.
  • I’m supposed to rest more.
  • I’m more tired.
  • It is harder to sleep.
  • I have a lot to get done before she arrives.
  • I can’t do everything I want to before she arrives.

But for today, it means I’m doing this:

I am sitting with my feet up, hand embroidering something special for my daughter.

Restful, productive, and delightful.

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Back in May I told you I found an awesome birthday gift at a yard sale, but I’m not sure if I ever told you that it was a KitchenAid mixer, which my mom bought from me and gave to my little sister.

She’s pretty lucky, I had to wait until I was married until I got a KitchenAid, and Mom had to wait for hers until her oldest child was about 13.  That 13 year-old then promptly stole it every chance she got and Mom never really got to use it, until her 13 year old turned 24 and got married and got her own KitchenAid.  But I digress.

Unfortunately, Liz’s machine wasn’t the… loveliest color that KitchenAids come in.  It would have fit in well with an orange and avocado kitchen, but Liz wasn’t thinking that would be her future color scheme.  (The pictures don’t do it justice, it really was a much more 1960’s type of yellow than it seems).

We were inspired by this post about giving the old mixer a bit of a face-lift.  And so, we did!

What we should have done first, but didn’t, was take a BEFORE photo.  Oh, well.

What we did do first was clean everything really well, take off the removable parts, clean it some more, and then sand it.

(For a more complete tutorial, follow the link above, this is more of a show-off post.  I will, however, go into more detail when it comes to the stenciling, as we did it a bit differently.)

Liz then printed off some clip-art stencils that she liked.  We put (red) duct tape down where the stenciling would go, and then attached the stencils on top of it.

Carefully we cut around the edges with a razor blade (an X-acto knife would have been nicer, but mine is hiding).

Liz tried to scare me by screaming, but I just snapped this great picture before making sure she was alright.  Luckily, she was fine.  And I laughed way too hard.

Then we pulled off the paper and carefully pried the excess duct tape from around the edges of the stencil- much like making sugar cookies or gingerbread- only in those cases it would be excess dough, not tape. And we didn’t eat the tape.

With masking tape, we then covered all the parts we didn’t want painted, like the screws and such.  We also covered the wires and all with a plastic baggie.

Then Liz and Steve took turns spray-painting the mixer with black appliance paint.  I hid from the fumes.

Open it up to get every little nook and cranny.

Tada!! Didn’t it turn out beautifully?  Liz is really excited about it.  Mom thinks we are paint-happy.

Mom is right, but thats okay! We’re not finished with the spray paint yet, stay tuned!!

Don’t forget to check out my 200th Post for a chance to win some yummy cookies!!

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My 200th Post

I just sat down to do a little updating and realized that this is a milestone!

In honor of my 200th post on my totally random blog, I think it would be totally appropriate for me to share several random things with you.

First: I had another ultrasound today.

Isn’t she cute?  Well, yes, I realize this isn’t the best picture.  But if you could have been there you would know how cute she is!  She loves to suck on her fingers and toes, and she is a total show-off when on camera.  When we push her she pushes back and makes us laugh.  I really feel like I’m getting to know her already.

I also had an OB appointment today.  Because I am at 36 weeks I got my first cervical check, which wasn’t as horrible as everyone told me it would be.  Evelyn has already descended and is at -3 station, and my cervix is soft but not dilated.  Very good news!  According to the ultrasound (which can be totally wrong, just ask my dear friend Leslie), she is just a tiny bit small for her due date, so no worries yet about delivering a 10 lb baby.  Phew!

P.S.  I haven’t taken any belly pictures since 33 weeks because I stopped gaining weight and don’t look any different, but I’ll try and remember to do so at some point in the near future.

Second: Speaking of my dear friend Leslie, several days ago she was my 500th commenter!!!

500 comments seems so huge to me, here on my little blog.  Now I owe her some cookies or something.  I also need to use her idea and safety pin Steve’s quilt.  Good thing her birthday is coming up, now I have a double excuse to put something in the mail.

I am, however, just thinking about attempting to deliver my baby on her birthday as her prize/present.  That may make it awkward for her son, though.  It would be hard if grown-up Harvey had to worry about his wife sharing a birthday with his mom.

Anywho, thanks to all of you for each of your MUCH APPRECIATED comments.

Third: My sister and I completed an awesome project and she has yet to send me a picture of the finished product.  This is a public reminder for her to do so.  Send me a picture or two, Liz!

Fourth: I won a $30 gift certificate from Fashionable Fabrics on Everything Etsy this week.  Thanks again, Kim! I’m super excited and have already placed my order.  Just you wait, they’re gorgeous!! I’ll show you a sneak peek at one of them:

Early Bird red cherries by cosmo cricket for andover fabrics P0260 5036 R

Fifth: I have hope today, and I just want to share that with all of you.

As you may know, Steve and I are in a fairly desperate search for somewhere to live.  Our lease is up at the end of the month, and the owners won’t let us do anything month to month.  We can’t afford to stay here another year, as I won’t be working after Evelyn is born.  We were put on a waiting list for some cheaper housing way back in February and told it would be about 6 months.  We recently found out it is most likely going to be another 4 months before they have a place for us.

It seems to be impossible to find anywhere in the area that will do anything less than a year-long lease.  We have found one place, but it is out of our price range.  We’re still praying about that one, but it doesn’t look like a possibility at this point.

Today we were put in contact with a lady (who happens to be in our ward!) who gave us a sliver of hope that she may be able to find something for us.  We should know a little more about that on Monday.

Please keep us in your prayers!

Sixth: I’ve discovered this week that although I find it excruciating to use a pen, my hands do just fine with a needle and thread!

What that means is this: To those of you whom I owe a thank-you card, I have not forgotten you.  It just may take me awhile to embroider one.

Mostly kidding.

But I am excited to be able to participate in Checkout Girl’s Embroidereading contest! Once I figure out how to make my house light enough to take pictures in without making it 40 degrees warmer I’ll share with you what I made.  I’m grateful that she gave me an excuse to work on something I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time now.

Seventh: My littlest brother is coming to visit this weekend.  I’m very excited.  Here are some random pictures of him that I’ve scanned recently. I hope they make you laugh like they do me.

Eighth: Did you know my favorite number is 8?  It really is.  I also prefer numbers that are multiples and divisibles of 8.  Its kinda weird.

But that isn’t really my 8th random thing to share with you this evening, its more of an extra.

What I want to say is this:  I have been given an excuse to bake this week.  I know I’ve only been considered diabetic for about 2 weeks now, but can I just tell you that it feels like forever since I baked?

So, while I’m baking (for my work party) I’m going to whip up a few extras.  And I’m not allowed to eat those extras.

Would you like to eat them?

Please help me celebrate my 200th post by sending me a comment, and I’ll send one lovely random commenter some extra yummy chocolate-chip cookies, even though they are my husband’s favorite.  Comment before August 12, 2010 to qualify.

And for another chance to win cookies, there is still time to Vote for my Mom!!

Thanks everyone for supporting me through my 200 posts, and here is to 200 more!!

*The random cookie winner was #2 Emily.  Congratulations, I’ll get some cookies to you ASAP!!!

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Another one marked off my list!

I was able to whip this puppy out pretty darn quick, the whole project probably took me a total of 90 minutes.

I simply curved the edges of a piece of high-density foam, traced around it onto my fabric, sewed 3 sides of the fabric together with the piping and the ribbon ties, wrapped the foam in batting, shoved it into the fabric case, and whip stitched the last edge closed.

When I say it that way it doesn’t sound quite as simple, but it was a nice project that I could start and finish the same day.  I like those.

And there we go! At least the rocking chair is ready for Evelyn to arrive, even if nothing else is!

I’m sharing this project on I Made It! Thursdays on Everything Etsy, mostly because it is hard to find any sort of tutorial about this sort of thing online.

Happy Crafting!

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