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Happy Halloween from Endor!


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I label this post part 1 because I know future proof will be forthcoming.

This morning I set Evelyn down on my bed while Steve was making breakfast so I could take a shower.

This is where I put her:

When I came back, 15 minutes later, she was here:

MY BABY CAN TELL TIME!  In 15 minutes she rotated 90 degrees, just like the minute hand on a clock!

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Little Pink Thug

She may look like an innocent baby, but I assure you, she’s gangsta in her hoodie.

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Every time I start to type a new post Evelyn starts to fuss. I’m pretty sure there is a direct link from my keyboard to her brain.

She is, in fact, fussing right now.  But I can type this out very slowly with several back patting breaks between sentences.

So many updates!  By the time I get around to posting a new weight and height measurement for her, it is always outdated.  On the 4th of this month she was 8lbs, 13 oz (25th percentile), 21 5/8″ (60%) and her head was 15″ (70%).  Today she was 9 lbs 9 oz, but I forgot the rest.

I still haven’t gotten any good pictures of her in her blessing dress- I promise to do so soon.  We went on a walk to the park to take pictures awhile ago, but the wind picked up and we decided not to take her out of her stroller.

We had a great time visiting family and friends in Idaho and Utah last weekend- but we forgot to take the memory card for the camera!  Luckily I can steal from Facebook and we had our cell phones.

The main reason for the trip was Steve’s cousin Jay’s wedding in Idaho Falls. Liz joined us that day and watched Evelyn while we were in the temple.

Evelyn was peeing on Steve when the above picture was taken. Great fun.

She did really well in the car both ways, sleeping except when it was time to eat. I even had to wake her up to feed her a couple times.  I hope she continues to be such a great travel companion!

In other news, Evelyn and I are on a dairy and soy free diet now, due to an intolerance she is having.  We went to Children’s Hospital in Seattle today and were assured that she will be over it by the time she is a year.  In fact, 50% of babies with her intolerance outgrow it by 6 months and 95% outgrow it by 9 months.  Thank heavens!

In the meantime I’m learning that rice and almond milk aren’t too bad, and you can even use them for cooking.  I’m also learning that soy is literally in everything.  Chewing gum, bouillon, spaghetti sauce… you name it.  I was lucky to discover that Good Earth makes a soy-free margarine and that Wal-mart stocks it!!  That and canola oil are my two options for baking, so I’m learning to be creative.  Yesterday for dinner I made chicken curry- starting from a roux made from my margarine and some almond milk! It was delicious.

I’m sure I’m forgetting 40 other things that I had planned to tell you, my new mommy brain is not quite the same as my pre-pregnancy one.  I guess I could mention that I recently found out that I most likely broke my tail bone during delivery, but you don’t want to hear that.

Let me know if you run across any great soy-free products or recipes, I’m getting fairly desperate. On our Utah trip I practically lived on Dave’s Killer Bread with Canola mayonnaise and pastrami.  I’d love to have some more travel friendly options!

I’m happy to report that we are counting our blessings and feel our cup runneth o’er.  We love you and are so grateful for the well-wishes and prayers said on our behalf.  Keep it up, good things are happening to the Flynns!



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I was crying yesterday when I took this pictures.

So jealous of my beautiful slumbering family taking a peaceful afternoon nap together.

Let me go back and explain a little more.  The Flynns have colds.  Steve got his first, and I thought us ladies had successfully avoided it until last weekend.  Poor little Evelyn was up most of the night 3 nights in a row, as she was having trouble breathing while nursing, due to her stuffy nose.  It was enough to make her rather frantic.  And then, when she would fall asleep, her mother would have the audacity to cough and wake her up.

I’ve had some long nights. Long days, too.  Its been a long week.

Back to yesterday.  We decided to take a nap.  I was able to nurse Evelyn until she fell asleep.  I had just closed my eyes when there was someone at the door. Steve was already asleep, so I took care of it.  I rocked Evelyn back to sleep, and woke her up coughing.  I handed her over to Steve, and she promptly went back to sleep.  I laid down and slept for 5 minutes until the phone rang.  Back up.  After that, whenever I attempted to go back to sleep my cough was so strong that I couldn’t, and I was tired of waking up the baby.

And so I wept.  It just became a little too much for me, so tired and so sick.

Poor Steve woke up just in time to leave for work to find his wife sitting at the table crying.

And that brings me to the point of this post:

My sweet husband came home early from work last night with flowers and cough drops.  He held the baby all night so she and I could sleep.  He changed every dirty diaper and cleaned out her tiny little nose when breathing got too hard.  He took her from me each time she was done nursing and burped her so I could get right back to sleep.

I’m awake and alert this morning and feeling 90% better.

I’m so grateful for my husband, his kindness and compassion, and for our love.

Eternal marriage, what a beautiful thing!

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Oompa Loompa

Doompadee Doo.

Some mothers seem to look at newborn babies and see teenage embarrassment potential.

I might be one of them.

We’ll just have to hope she inherits her father’s self-confidence.

Honestly, though, who could ever be embarrassed with a face this cute?

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