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Day 19 Christmas Elf

Here I go again, torturing my child.  Don’t you love it?


Our little Elf, living up to her initials.

It wasn’t long before she decided to sing Christmas carols to us.

She was rewarded with candy she couldn’t eat.

She loved it anyway.


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Day 16 Home is Heaven

I’ll have to paint today’s picture with words, as my camera was both unavailable and unable to do it justice.

Today was one of those that makes your head spin- a flat tire on the freeway on our way to Yakima, 2 hours at Costco while we waited for them to bake the rolls we needed to buy for Saturday’s ward Christmas party (which included nursing in public), a visit to Wal-Mart that included a return… when we got home I had to get my oil changed, and deliver hams and roasts to people all over town.  I went to the store, gathered my purchases, and arrived at the check-out line without any money.  Back and forth, to and fro, tears in a Safeway…

And then, home.  I walked in, put the items that needed it in the refrigerator, and gathered up my angel baby.  We turned off all the lights except the Christmas tree, turned on some instrumental Christmas music from Pandora, and went to the rocking chair.

We rocked. She nursed.  I read.  She fell asleep in my arms.


And now the day is done and I will forget the to-do list that creeps into my mind and I will crawl between the sheets and sink into the memory foam mattress and say a little prayer of gratitude for my home.

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Day 15 Best Present

Evelyn is fascinated with the Christmas tree.  She stares and stares at it.  I love to lay her down at the bottom and just watch her.

Today she also became fascinated with Stacy’s present.

Looks like my favorite present under the Christmas tree is all wrapped up in Jungle jammies tonight.  We’ll have to figure out a ribbon and bow later.

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Day 14 Apple Jammies

Good morning world!!

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Day 13 Baby Has Her Blue Jeans On

Evelyn’s first pair of blue jeans!

She is also showing off her newest trick- she loves to stand up, and does so every chance she gets.

Dad’s stomach doesn’t make for the surest footing, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She loves her Daddy!

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Day 12 Hide and Seek

Nap time again.  This time Evelyn decided it was too bright, so she hid all but her wee little feet from us.

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No sooner had I sighed in relief at being done with my craft fair than I was saying yes to another, and with only a 5 days to prepare!

Because I had only sold book purses at the first fair I immediately went out and bought a lot of books to make into new purses.

You know what that means- I sold only one purse the whole day, and it was one that I already had, that hadn’t sold at the first fair.  Ah, well.  The day was a bust for everyone, due to the fact that as soon as the fair started so did the snow- a blizzard that closed roads and even shut down the freeway for several hours.

I also sold two pairs of newborn shoes (custom orders I need to get finished this week), as well as some of the snowman ornaments I made last year that I pulled off my tree at the last minute.  And I traded another vendor one of my monster stockings for a cute hat and some hair bows for Evelyn.

I had a good time, and everyone seems to like what I make.  Hopefully my luck will improve in the future!

Evelyn spent the day (and weekend, since we were snowed in) with her grandparents, sorry she didn’t make it into any of the pictures!

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