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I Love Miis

The Flynn house is a fun house.  We play games, eat yummy food, a laugh A LOT.  We love having fun together, and since Steve is the happiest person I’ve ever met, having fun is pretty easy when we’re together.

Unfortunately, most of the fun in this house is the sedentary kind. And it usually involves food. Yummy, caloric food in large quantities. And Steve and I have the waistlines to prove it.

Between my chronic back pain and Steve’s chronic knee pain, we haven’t had much opportunity for exercise, unless you count walking to school (which we do, and we’re proud of it!).  This was my main reason for getting Steve the Wii console for Christmas.

Getting a video game console was a really hard decision for me.  I’ve been very anti-video game since high school.  1 Corinthians 13:11 says “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” and I interpret that scripture to include video games.  I’ve come to realize, slowly, that what really bothers me is video game use in access, not video games in general.

Somehow, I’m married to man who is a self-confessed video game addict.  We made the decision awhile ago that we wouldn’t have a console in the house until Steve finished school, if ever.

But then they introduced the new red Wii bundle that came with the new Super Mario Bros game in time for Christmas, and I was faced with the temptation of buying one for the first time.  I knew that there was nothing I could get for Steve that would make him happier.  I made the mistake of bringing the idea up with him several months before Christmas, only because we had made the decision not to get one together and I felt I needed to discuss the idea with him first.  That led to several months of “If you get me the Wii for Christmas…”  There was no way I could change my mind by then.

I did, however, feel that it was important that if we had the Wii that we needed the Wii fit.  I actually bought it first, at a Black Friday sale at Target (sidenote: I will never go to Target on Black Friday again!)

And I love it.

Most mornings I get up, do my little body test that tells me I’m overweight, and then do some simple exercises before the Wii tells me that I’m still in pretty good shape for my age (still? I’m 26!).  And then, the fun starts.

Most of my joy from playing on the Wii is not from the games themselves, although I do enjoy them.  The best part is the Miis.

(Pardon my low-quality images.)

Steve and I have attempted to make Mii characters out of many of our family members.  The hardest were my sisters-in-law, whom I know will probably see this.  Sorry if you can’t recognize yourself Angie, Becky, & Stacy! Feel free to come over and try and fix your character.

So, (almost) each morning I can select which one of us is going to work out:

This picture is funny because it is true- I’m working out, Steve is sleeping, and Evelyn is sitting on the floor.

I love that it has a Baby Stats option, I can easily track Evelyn’s growth.

Not that her weight has changed at all since the end of January… but at least I can track the lack of change.

And then I do step aerobics with my family!

Or throw snowballs at Rubi…

Pass me those hoola hoops, Becky & Steve!

How about a little Kung Fu?

I can go for a jog with my mom…

And everyone is there to cheer me on when I get to the finish line!

Then I might try and do a little circus juggling.  Throw me the ball, Dad!

I really love it.  I find that I’m using the Wii more than Steve is, which I never thought would happen.  Some people gave us heck about getting the Wii instead of the Kinect, but I’m happy with what we did.  I enjoy some of the Kinect games, but I find that this platform works better for what our family wants.

All in all, I’m happy that we got it.

But don’t come over when I’m playing Tetris, I’m a mean Tetris player and I’m not ready for you to see that side of me…


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I’m gonna have to learn how to put sunsceen on babies, apparently.  I thought the spray stuff would work a little differently.

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Garland Winner!

Congratulations to Rhonda for winning the paper garland!!  I’ll get that to you quick as a wink!

And thank you so much to everyone for sharing your friend stories, I loved reading each of them.

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Today’s hardest part? Ignoring this:

3-in-1 Crib for $249

Well, at least I hope that is the hardest part, it is only 7:45 a.m.

*Don’t forget to enter in my giveaway, today is the last chance to win!

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Lent 2011

We don’t really practice Lent, let me start off with that right away.

This year, however, were going all out:  No spending money.

Steve and I decided to have a month-long spending fast shortly after our crazy Albertson’s shopping experience, just to see if we could do it.  We decided on March, mostly because February had already started.  Then I remembered the sewing expo in Puyallup and there was no way in heck that I was going to miss that! So we decided on March 6 as our starting day.

But then I remembered that March 9 was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, and so we decided that it seemed more appropriate.  We are not, however, continuing our fast until Easter.  We’re going with the original 30 days, ending on April 7th.

So here are our rules:

No spending money at all, except:

  • Gas (We don’t want Steve to lose his job, and I don’t want to be trapped in the house, especially with Spring Break coming up.)
  • We will still use our WIC checks, that way we’ll have some fresh produce and eggs and baby food.
  • Any bills that are due during that time that we haven’t already paid.

Can we do it?  Yes, we can!!

Hardest part of day 1: I forgot to buy doughnuts for the Activity girls activity this afternoon.  I guess I’m making doughnuts today!

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Pigtails and a Walker

I suppose they aren’t really pigtails, but because there are 2 clips and a part in the middle, I felt they qualified enough for me.

She loves her new “car”, although her feet don’t touch the ground yet. I can’t wait until she realizes she can move herself around.  I’m also grateful we live in a one-story apartment and don’t have to worry about stairs.

I found the baby walker on consignment here in town and spent less than $25 on it.  Super thrilled!!

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I’ve been having fun punching out paper circles and making garlands lately.

This one is from the book “Bar Face” and I’ve strung it up above our living room reading corner.

I love it.  I love the 3-D effect that comes from stacking and folding the circles.

My craft room shelves are stacked with book interiors, as I only use the covers for the book purses I sell on Etsy. I might list a few garlands on there as well.  What do you think?

This one is fun and colorful and I made it from a mini-book entitled “Friends.”

The book was made up of pictures and quotes about friendship.

“Savor the moments that are warm and special and giggly” -Sammy Davis Jr

“Friends seem to be like aspirin:  we don’t really know why they make a sick person feel better but they do.” Betty Cottin Pogrebin

Because you are my friends, and I love you more than aspirin, I would like to mail you this fun, colorful, paper garland.

Leave me a comment telling me about your first best friend, and I’ll randomly pick one of you win this garland. If you want a second chance to win it, post a link to this post on your Facebook page and let me know you did.  I’m really excited to read your comments!

Contest closes on Saturday, March 12 at midnight- which just so happens to be my little brother (and first best friend’s) birthday.  Happy Birthday Keith!

Now off to the sewing table- Evelyn is sleeping and I can’t waste this precious time!!

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