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I’ve been reading too much Sew Beautiful.

I decided I wanted to try some new techniques and make Evelyn an heirloom Easter dress this year.  It took me some time, and it was hard work, but I am VERY happy with the results.

I think my sewing abilities have drastically improved in the last 18 months.


We had an Easter egg hunt at my Aunt & Uncle’s house on Sunday.  It was fun to watch the kids look for eggs, and they were kind enough to fill some eggs with baby treats for Evelyn.

She wasn’t totally sure if she liked the grass or not.

It is fun to watch her learn to pick things up when we hover her over them.  She never ended up picking any eggs up by herself, though, because she didn’t like the feel of the grass on her hands.

It’s funny that she is ALWAYS smiling for pictures but I couldn’t get her to for these.  Ah, well.  We got some very sweet pictures anyway.

Because I wasn’t sure how much of the dress they showed off (Steve took the pictures) I tried to get a few more after we got home, but she was sleeping.

The yoke I made in a white striped cotton, which I added machine embroidery to in soft cotton thread.  You may recognize this embroidery pattern from here and here and the Christmas dress jacket I just realized I never took pictures of.  You can’t go wrong with something made by Martha Pullen, though.

I also added cotton piping to the collar edge and the scallops on the yoke.

The skirt and sleeves were done in a pink swiss dot (Thanks, Becky!), to which I added two rows of lace beading insertion (I need a wing tip needle, but I’m still happy with the insertion).  On the hem I added entredeux and gathered lace edging.  The sleeve edges are gathered with elastic and have the same lace edging attached.

And the skirt has two pockets with matching embroidery and piping.

She found she liked to hook her fingers on the ribbon in the lace and pull, cinching her skirt up.  I’m still not inclined to tack the ribbon to the lace, but I may wish I had in the future.

We had a very happy Easter and it was a beautiful way to start a new week after a very hectic one the week prior.  (I had thought she might go to church in a sleeveless dress fastened with safety pins, but I was able to get everything finished at the last minute.)

And that led to a very happy Mommy.

(Evelyn’s dress was altered from Simplicity pattern #2392 vintage collection)


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Happy Easter 2011

Just wanted to show off our Easter Chick.

We’re off to go play with our family in Yakima, where we will make sure to take lots of pictures of Evelyn in her pretty little Easter dress that I made and which has caused me to neglect my blogging and spend all my time hunched over my sewing machine.

We remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this day and the Atonement that he made on our behalf and proclaim to all the world that HE LIVES!!

Happy Easter from the Flynns!

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$ Confessional $

I feel like I should let you know how our 30 day spending fast went, since you are my adoring fans and all.

We didn’t spend a penny on ANYTHING (including laundry!) that we agreed not to spend money on… for the first 10 days.

Yeah, we failed.

It started with my craft fair.  I’m proud to say I didn’t spend any money getting ready for it, especially since I didn’t make much.  But there was a vendor there… you understand, right?

For the next week we were frugal, but we did spend money that we didn’t NEED to spend- on things like mushrooms and crab legs that went on clearance.  The following week we spent in Sequim, and it was then that I just decided I didn’t care anymore.  I made 2 JoAnn’s fabric trips, and a few Wal-mart trips while we were there.

I’m proud to say, however, that thanks to loving parents we did manage to go the entire 30 days without spending money on laundry.

All in all, it was a fun experiment.  I’m grateful that Steve doesn’t resent me for it.  He actually told me that he liked the feeling that we were working on a goal to better ourselves and has suggested some other goals that we might try soon.  April 18th-24th is National Turn Off Your TV Week this year, and we may try that one out.

Other things I’ve thought of are setting a certain number of days without sweets, or without Facebook.

What are some of your self-improvement fasting suggestions?

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Marching On

March ended, I’m fully aware.  Just check out my last post title if you don’t believe me. However, I never shared much of my March with you, and so…

Today I bring you “March in a Nutshell in April.” Does that make sense?  I think I’m funny.

Evelyn is experimenting with different foods.  She loves to suck on pickles! She has also enjoyed spaghetti, refried beans, and some coconut ice cream. In fact, right now she is munching on a cookie so I can walk away and type for a moment without holding her. And boy is she messy!

(I interrupt this post about March to show you my April baby eating her cookie)

Also this month, I did another craft fair. This one was at my old high school, Ike.  Besides my regular book purses and baby shoes I showed off my fun race-track quilts/play mats.  They are fun to do, and I’m hopeful that a different venue will strike more interest in them than this one did.  It wasn’t until I was there that I realized it was a craft/YARD sale, so a lot of the vendors had yard sale stuff and we got a yard sale crowd that wasn’t terribly interested in paying full price for things.  Ah, well.  I’m determined to have better luck somewhere else.

I mentioned on Facebook that my Relief Society President called me and asked me to dress up as Sis. Mary Ellen Smoot, former general Relief Society President. Great fun, I wish I had a picture of all the ladies dressed up to show you. I did my best, but this was the highest I could get my hair to go without making it look like this:

Also in March, I started walking every day with a friend from church. I could not be more excited about this!!! Not only am I getting a little exercise and fresh air, but I’m having social interaction with a female older than 7 months!

One of the places we often walk through is Kiwanis Park, near our apartment.  Steve and I decided to take Evelyn there one afternoon, and she LOVED the swings.  This will definitely need to become a frequent activity in the Flynn house.

The last week in March we spent in Sequim with Steve’s parents.  We went up on Saturday the 26th and stopped in Seattle in order to be able to celebrate my brother Ben’s birthday, and then kept going because it was also my niece, Lili’s birthday.

Ben asked for a microwavable cat for his birthday.  This baby is made of fleece and full of wheat- all the benefit of having a warm sleeping cat on your lap with none of the downsides of hair everywhere, feeding it, cleaning up after it, or getting evicted from your apartment for having a pet.  That and wheat smells like bread baking when it is warmed, and a cat smells like a cat.

For Lili, I made an apron that holds crayons. I’m happy to say she loves it and now I’m thinking of making more of them, as it was fairly easy to do and made quite a large grin on her face.

Speaking of grins, this is a picture of 2 very happy girls.  We went to the beach with some of our nephews and Lili and had a great time.  Evelyn got to see the ocean for the first time and was all smiles for us.

My nephew Ben enjoyed the hillside more than the water, but his sister knew the water was what you go to the beach to enjoy- that and the sand between your toes.

One of the best parts of our trip, however, was watching Evelyn interact with everyone.  She knew she was loved and I think she loved everyone back just as much.

She would track her grandparent’s movements as they walked through the house so much that I couldn’t keep her attention when it was time to eat.  I won’t mention how much she wanted to be with everyone after her bedtime because that will make me too tired, but she sure loves being a Flynn!

So there you go, I hope you all enjoyed your March and that Spring is springing up and bringing you joy wherever you are.

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I love April 6th

Lots of important stuff has happened on this day!

  • 181 years ago today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was formally organized.
  • 170 years ago the first cornerstone was laid for the (original) Nauvoo temple.
  • 158 years ago the first cornerstone was laid for the Salt Lake City temple.  40 years later, again on April 6, this temple was dedicated by Wilford Woodruff.
  • And, if D&C 20:1 is translated in this way (although it could simply be referring to the year), it is quite possible that my Savior himself was born on April 6, 2011 years ago.
  • My Aunt Ruth celebrates her birthday every year on this day, as well.  Happy Birthday Ruth!

Anyhow, that actually isn’t what I got online to tell you today.  I was simply going to apologize for not saying anything in awhile and explain that I was on vacation in Sequim for 8 days and came home sick and then I was going to share some pictures with you.

But now I’m tired and so I’m going to leave you with this list of important April 6th events to ponder and wish you a happy spring.

Happy Spring!

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