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Evelyn’s First Birthday

Happy Birthday Evelyn!!!

We’re so grateful for our precious baby girl, I can’t believe she is already a year old, but I also feel like I’ve known her a lifetime.

Here is a little info about where she is at right now:

Evelyn hasn’t grown much since March, but she did accomplish the milestone of passing the 16 lb mark this month (finally!). She is a whopping 16 lbs 4 oz, and she is 27 inches tall.   Her 4 month old cousin is catching up with her fast.

She loves to walk, but doesn’t attempt it without two hands to hold or a piece of furniture to lean on.  She pulls herself up onto everything, and always wants to be where her Mommy and Daddy are.

Evelyn is pretty good about sleeping through the night.  She occasionally wakes up once or twice but I’ve learned to let her cry herself back to sleep, which she does fairly quickly.  She goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00, and wakes up 12 hours later.  If she stays up late she still wakes up before 7:00, which isn’t usually much fun.  She takes one nap during the day, usually around 11:00, and sleeps for 1-3 hours.

Over the last week she has been weaning herself from nursing and started preferring a bottle of warm milk before bed and when she wakes up.  I had hoped to breastfeed for a year, and it looks like she knew her year was ending.  Mission accomplished!  We are very grateful that her milk protein allergy is not bothering her anymore and that she made the transitions to cow’s milk so easily.

Evelyn is a little chatterbox, most of which is unintelligible, but she does have a few favorite words and phrases.  I made the mistake of saying “Who’s that?” a little too often when familiar faces entered a room, so instead of saying “Daddy” or “Aunt Liz” she more frequently says “Who’s that?” and points.  It is still pretty darn cute, but I know Steve wishes he was called “Daddy” a little more frequently.

When she sees her picture or her reflection, or another baby, she will say “Pretty baby.”  We’re not counting on any low self-esteem issues for a long time.  She seems to recognize the beauty of the earth she lives on and will frequently point at or grab other “pretty” objects and label them as such- things like flowers and bright colors.

She mouths “bye-bye” when someone leaves.  For some reason this one is said so quietly that unless she is the only noise in the room you won’t hear it, though.  She also then waves to them and blows them a kiss.

Otherwise, most of her words are parroting, and you never know when she is going to say something.  She always is quite proud of herself when she gets it right, though, and gives herself a round of applause.  Clapping is the most frequent action she gives us- she’ll do it anytime anyone says “Good job,” “clapping,” or whenever she feels like it. This includes each time she pulls herself up on something or even if she is crying.

Most recently, and to our fiercest joy, she has begun folding her arm’s each time we have a prayer.  She will frequently keep them folded the whole time, unless the prayer is too long, or she feels particularly proud of herself for folding her arms and needs to take a clapping break.

She has begun to tire of baby food (which is totally fine, except that I have a TON), and always prefers to feed herself, even with the spoon.  This results in lots of dirty hair, dirty laundry, and dirty floors, but I’m impressed with how well she manages to get the food from the bowl to her mouth.  She loves to drink from a cup or glass, but still dribbles down her front quite a lot.  She prefers a sippy cup if it has handles, and really doesn’t like the ones that don’t.

One of Evelyn’s favorite games is “In” which involves putting anything inside of anything else.  Set her on the floor with a few small objects and some canning jars and she’ll be content for some time.  She also loves “Peekaboo,” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”  She recently began touching her head when I ask her where it is, and touching my nose or a doll’s nose when I ask where they are.  She hasn’t had much success in finding her own nose, though.  She also enjoys being outside and going for walks- although she will frequently fall asleep in her stroller.

Oh, and she also LOVES to dance, if it has a beat, she is dancing.  Even if we are walking and the cadence seems regular or chopping veggies, she’s a dancing queen.

We love our little girl and we’re excited for the next year ahead, especially as we get to see her become a big sister in April.


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Clear Lake Camping

Steve has been having Friday and Saturday nights off work lately, which has caused for some diversion in the lives of the Flynns.  In mid-July we decided to drive down to the Clear Lake area to go camping, just the 3 of us.  We had a blast.

Evelyn has decided she much prefers standing to sitting or laying down, so we did a lot of that.  She is still incredibly wobbly, though, we aren’t expecting her to walk for awhile yet.

We spend much of our time there sitting, building fires, and relaxing.  She loved being outside.  The weather was lovely, but there were a lot of mosquitos, that is why she is all bundled up.

She also really enjoyed playing in the dirt, and I loved letting her get all dirty.

We did go for a little walk (not really a hike, too short to call it that), and she enjoyed her time being strapped to her Daddy.  I think he mostly enjoyed it, too.

At the end of our walk we got to the Tieton River (I think).  We stripped her down to get her wet because it was really warm, but the water was too cold and she wasn’t interested. She did, however, want to eat the rocks.

After our walk we all needed a nap, but Evelyn wasn’t terribly interested in the idea.  She mostly crawled on the floor of the tent and played with her toys while we rested.  She was a pretty good sport about it.

We grilled some steak for dinner with tin foil veggie packets, and afterwards roasted marshmallows while our pineapple upside down cake baked in the dutch oven.

Evelyn went to bed before the cake was done, but she sure enjoyed the marshmallows!




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