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3rd Blogiversary


It seems awfully silly to celebrate this year’s blogiversary, since I never post anymore, but it is as good a reason as any to say hello and share a random picture of Evelyn sitting in some corn.

Evelyn and I are in Utah right now, while Steve is in Moscow. We are getting lots of visiting in, as well as lots of reading and resting. We will be here for 2 more weeks.

Steve is doing well in Russia, although he would rather be here with us. He celebrated his 28th birthday last Saturday by talking to family on Skype, going to a restaurant with friends he has made, and a midnight visit to Red Square.  He is enjoying his classes, feeling more comfortable with the language, and suddenly being inundated with a lot of homework.

I just finished the first trimester of my pregnancy and finally feel pregnant. It seems like every bite I take makes my pants feel tighter.  I’m also hoping that my new trend of going to bed early, sleeping in, and taking long naps is one I can continue for awhile. We have an ultrasound scheduled for December 20, after Steve gets home, where we should be able to find out the baby’s gender.

There is the news for you. Thanks for reading and helping me celebrate 3 years of making my journal public.


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I still make things…


It has been awhile since I shared a creation with you, so I thought I would show off the fun chenille blanket I made this summer for my friend Mandi’s baby boy, Tucker.

I love how all the layers of blues turned out. I backed it with some soft fuzzy fabric and it will be nice and cozy for him this winter. This was fun to make, albeit very time-consuming.  If I had my way this would be my new go-to baby gift, but I think I might need to stick to faster projects with the rate my friends reproduce!

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Well, since most of you see me on Facebook if not in real life, you already know that we’re still alive, but just in case you were worried, I thought I’d better do an update this morning.

August was a month of intense change for the Flynn family.

On the 4th, we found out we will be having a new baby in April (due the 7th).  We are super-duper excited. Steve is very sure that it is a boy, I’m not feeling so sure about anything yet.  I’m really happy to be due within a week or two of a couple of my old friends from Utah, it will be fun to be pregnant together, even though we all now live far away from each other.

On the 25th Evelyn turned one year old, and a few days later we had an epic party to celebrate.  Thank you to all the family and friends who joined us.

We spent the rest of the month packing up our beloved Ellensburg apartment and putting most of our things in a storage unit down the street.  On the 31st we moved back in with my parents, this time bringing only the bare essentials (i.e. 4 tubs of  fabric and only 2 of my 3 sewing machines).  On the 4th of September (a week ago) I dropped off Steve at the Seattle airport in the wee hours of the morning and he flew off to Moscow for a required semester abroad.  He will be back shortly before Christmas.

In the meantime, Evelyn and I are hanging out.  We’ve been napping, skyping, and sewing, and we’ve been making a lot of trips to Costco.  We even went to the wedding of my best childhood friend yesterday, which was a lot of fun.  She and I (my friend, not Evelyn) have spoken only once or twice in the last 15 years, so it was fun to see her all grown up and happy.

Steve has enjoyed his first week in Moscow, although it was incredibly hard for him to leave.  He is in an apartment with 3 other men, 2 of which are Americans.  He starts school tomorrow, and when he is finished with the semester he will have accumulated close to a year’s worth of credits.  He took the camera with him, so I’m limited to my phone camera while he is gone.  I’ve been better about posting pictures to Facebook than I have with getting them on here, but I’ll try and do better.

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