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Halloween 2011

I made it! It is still officially Halloween and I’m saying it today and not much much later!

Because it is late, I’ll make this short and sweet, but I’ll still include some pictures.

Evelyn dressed up as a little garden gnome this year.  The rosy red cheeks didn’t exactly work out like we hoped, but she was still darling.  I made the hat and the apron, the dress was a gift.  I also made her little red shoes, but you can’t see them because she is wearing the exact same color of red tights.  I thought she had white ones but I couldn’t find them.

I found this tutorial on Martha Stewart.com and couldn’t resist going with it.  I wore this Beehive hairdo from Friday’s party until tonight.  Now my hair is totally greasy and I look a bit like Hagrid.  I won’t include a picture of that.  There are certain things you can get away with when your husband is far away, and showering less frequently is one of them.

Sunday night we had our annual “Spooky Dinner,” hosted by my aunt and uncle and lovingly prepared by my amazing, talented cousin, Heidi.  I was going to include all the fun pictures from that on this post, but they are on my phone and it isn’t cooperating at the moment.  I made some “Brain” jello, which you can check out on my Facebook wall, if you feel the need.

Tonight we enjoyed dinner at their house again, followed by some trick or treating, and doughnuts and cider at my grandparent’s house.  Ah, tradition… it tastes so good.

I hope you had a spook-tacular holiday like we did!




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Before I was a Mom

…I never used to get the alphabet song stuck in my head.

…My sewing projects used a lot more fabric and a lot less ruffles.

…I thought the difference between a good stroller and a bad one was solely based on appearance.

…I never used to say things like “Did you get all your poops out?”

…I updated my blog more than once per month.

…I never bought whole milk.

…Snaps were not a huge part of my daily routine.

…I took for granted the simple joy of being alone on the toilet.

…I used my vacuum much less frequently.

…Fingernail clipping was not my least favorite chore.

…I ate my own food and not someone else’s leftovers.

…I typed with 2 hands.

…I never had an open-mouthed kiss with a female.

…My stomach didn’t have zebra stripes.

…I never missed activities because 7:00 p.m. was too late.

…I never knew all I was missing.

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