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Study Time

Evelyn is studying the alphabet on her computer while Daddy studies for the FSOT on his.

I’m so glad I get to study them and that there isn’t a test.


P.S. Evelyn is sitting in her removable stroller seat because we just got home from a walk. She loves it. I love that she loves it.


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loving… beautiful summery days with my family. It is so fun having Steve home during the day right now, since he has finished his classes and works evenings.

making… quiet books, nightgowns, and about 45 other things in my to-do stack.

listening… to Evelyn play with a puzzle and Mikey suck away on his pacifier.

wanting… to feel more rested with the same amount of sleep (i.e. nada).

thinking… I should really be cleaning my house.

(inspired by Mary of Owlhaven earlier this month)

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Hooray for having a creative outlet!!

I haven’t had a moment without the kids all over me in over  a week.  Most of that time I’ve been cooped up in the house recovering from hernia repair surgery with one breast hanging out of my shirt and a baby latched on.  I’m a little overdue for some me time.  And while I still haven’t taken that hour alone at the grocery store that my brain needs, it was nice to be able to accomplish some things today, between feedings and diaper changes.

First off, I finished this towel for a little girl in Florida who is getting baptized next Saturday.  You’ll have to pardon the lighting, my camera makes it look like the shiny fabric and thread don’t match the stripes on the towel.  They do match.  Also, the text is much more legible in real life.

These striped towels have been popular in my Etsy shop, and I love making them for people.

To sleep, perchance to dream

In other embroidery news, I made 2 pillowcases as gifts for the girls who are helping my mom and sister direct the Shakespeare play they are doing with their elementary & middle school students.  They are opening tonight, but I’m going on Saturday.  4th through 8th graders doing Julius Caesar, that should be interesting.

In case you weren’t aware, “To sleep, perchance to dream.” is a line from Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be…” monologue where he is contemplating suicide due to the recent incest and murder in his family.  Not really something you want to dream about, but the line is pretty when it is out of context and stitched on a pillow.

And finally, because the weather is getting warmer I decided Evelyn needed some jammies other than fleece footies.  In my family we always slept in Dad’s old t-shirts (many of them worn-out Domino’s Pizza uniforms), so I went with that idea and used some T-shirts and transformed them into nightgowns.

It has a simple onesie-type head opening, and I was able to do the whole thing on my serger rather easily.  I used the shirt’s original hems for the bottom and sleeve hems on the nightgown, so I can whip up several of these in an hour.  Very fun.

And that is what I’ve been up to today.  Maybe I’ll get around to fixing Steve’s holey work pants tonight if Mikey ever quits eating.

What are you sewing?

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Happy Unofficial Star Wars Day!

You know the Flynn family will use any excuse to dress up and make yummy food.

Today’s menu:

Princess Leia’s Hairdo Rolls
Hoth Chocolate

Sausage Tye Fighters
Yoda Soda

Boba Fettuccine
Tuscan Raider Pataters

Wookie Cookies

Much of our inspiration for this menu came from the book Wookie Cookies, which I bought for Steve last Christmas.

Evelyn’s onesie was made by her Aunt Angie, and can be purchased here.  I made Mikey’s, let me know if you are interested in that one.

May the Fourth be with you and yours today!!

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2 Handy Tips

There is a lot of messiness involved with feeding a toddler.

Evelyn loves yogurt, and she also loves to feed herself.  This means I frequently have a yogurt-covered Evelyn.  Hair, clothes, arms, legs, even the floor and sometimes the walls.  Not fun.

And speaking of yogurt, I was fairly upset when they switched from putting lids on the containers to the foil non-replaceable tops.  Not cool yogurt companies, some of us like to use less than one cup at a time or to reuse our containers.

Except, then Steve came up with this novel idea:

It works GREAT.  I just punched a little hole in the foil, cut a bendy straw and popped it through.

Evelyn still pulls the straw out and so there is a little mess, but it is much more contained. I love it.

Not to be outdone, I decided I was going to have my own awesome idea:

I used one of Evelyn’s stretchy headbands to hold Mikey’s pacifier in his mouth since he has so much trouble keeping it in.

How to keep a pacifier in a baby's mouth

Okay, so Steve’s idea was better, and this probably isn’t the greatest idea, but it did work for about 2 minutes, which was 2 more hand-free minutes that I wouldn’t have had before.

And every hand-free minute counts, let me tell you.  This guy loves to nurse.


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Can you believe my handsome little man is one month old today? We are sure enjoying him!

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