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I’ve recently begun a web business creation class, and I’ll be using this blog for the next few weeks to record my reflections on what I am learning.

We began the week by reviewing different business models and discussing whether it makes more sense to determine a business model first, or to come up with a product to sell first. There was a lot of discussion on both sides, but my personal feeling is that it makes the most sense to come up with business ideas instead – the model and the product together, such as: sell purses in a merchant model, start a website with information about caring for horses and sell advertising on the site, or make and sell decorative bugs made from wire as a manufacture/merchant site. Not that I’m contemplating using any of those particular ideas.

We were then introduced to Google AdWords and created accounts there. I’m really looking forward to understanding this resource better. We began to learn about generating keywords and then looking at demand and competition for those keywords and building a business plan by looking at these factors. The majority of my classmates felt that less competition was more important than demand. In fact, in a comparison of a site to sell snowboards to a site of information about chess, every single comment said that chess was a better option due to the drastic difference in competition and the number of impressions available.

I’m looking forward to continuing in this course and building my understanding of web business.


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