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Oh, Christmas Tree


I’m showing off the felt Christmas tree I made for Evelyn. The ornaments are attached with Velcro. She loves it. I made 25 ornaments so that I can use it as an advent in future years. One a day is too hard at 2 years old.


For our advent this year, I’m using the idea I found here, letting her unwrap one book each night before bed. In other felt ornament news, I had another lovely exchange with my mom her friends (who are also my friends). Here is what I made this year:


I varied the colors on each one and loved the way they turned out. I’ll try hard to remember to share more of our Christmas on here!


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Happy Holidays 2011!


Steve will be home with us in 2 weeks, but we still wanted to get a family photo together to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.  You gotta love Skype!

And for further smiles, here is our cute little girl with Santa:

And, just for comparison, here she is last year, wearing the same Christmas dress:

Evelyn must have inherited the frugality gene, she is staying small so she can get more use out of her clothes.  We really appreciate it!

Merry Christmas!

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A Very Merry Christmas

I meant to tell you that I was leaving for Christmas and wouldn’t be posting until I got back.  Oh, well.

The Flynn family had a great Christmas and we hope you did, too.  Just to warn you, this post consists of lots of pictures, and fairly uncreative writing.  Think travelogue.

We spent Christmas in Sequim with Steve’s parents.  On our way to their house we stopped in Bellevue so Evelyn could get her picture taken with Santa.  Steve’s brother, Josh, takes pictures of kids with Santa in malls all over the Seattle area every year.  This was her first time meeting her uncle Josh.

The Batman bib was so she wouldn’t spit up on the pretty Christmas dress I made for her.  I was literally hand-sewing the finishing touches on the dress in the parking garage before we went in.  It has velvet ric-rac around the bottom.

Josh did a really good job getting her to smile (although catching the smile with the camera was harder), and she never seemed scared of Santa at all.  It is fun to have such a beautiful, happy baby.

Once in Sequim, her cousins had a great time playing with her.

Turns out we didn’t have to watch a Muppet Christmas Carol this year, we had our own Muppet Holiday Special.

Evelyn enjoyed wearing every holiday outfit she has, and getting them (and us) all dirty.

And she spent a lot of time with her uncles, especially Jeremy.  She certainly seems to have an affinity for men, but I hear that is common for babies.

We spent Christmas Eve at the Hall’s (Steve’s cousins) playing games and reading the Christmas story.  I love the Couch game.  Next time you are at my house with 20 other people ask me how to play.

Christmas morning Evelyn cuddled with her stocking for a while. She used one of the leftover Monster Stockings because I never got around to making one for her.

She then helped me unwrap all my, and her, presents.  She wasn’t really much help.

After that, she was pooped and took a nap, wearing her new velcro rattles.

Then she got her diaper and clothes changed and took another nap, this time finding her thumb.

More cousins came over after that, and more unwrapping ensued- Evelyn chose to spend some more time with- you guessed it- her uncles.

Sunday morning she got all fancied up again in her Christmas dress and a somewhat classier bib, and chose to spend some time with her Grandpa Flynn.

She spent that evening with her Daddy, who was playing with the pretty red Wii that she gave him.  I was a more practical gift-giver, so I got him the Wii Fit.  That may have been a selfish gift, but don’t tell!

Intriguing to me that it is the adults playing with the toys that night while the kids look on.  But don’t worry, they got to play, too.

We had a beautiful Christmas that has left me feeling more blessed (and poor) than ever.  My sweetheart got a really great deal on an embroidery machine and a food processor, and my mom got me a Cricut, so there will be much crafting and cooking in my future and I hope to share it with you soon!

In the meantime, pray that we can figure out a way to hook our Wii up to our computer monitor so we won’t have to buy a TV!

Happy New Year!

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Day 19 Christmas Elf

Here I go again, torturing my child.  Don’t you love it?


Our little Elf, living up to her initials.

It wasn’t long before she decided to sing Christmas carols to us.

She was rewarded with candy she couldn’t eat.

She loved it anyway.

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Day 15 Best Present

Evelyn is fascinated with the Christmas tree.  She stares and stares at it.  I love to lay her down at the bottom and just watch her.

Today she also became fascinated with Stacy’s present.

Looks like my favorite present under the Christmas tree is all wrapped up in Jungle jammies tonight.  We’ll have to figure out a ribbon and bow later.

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Day 7 O Christmas Tree

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Christmas Snippets

This year the Flynn family (us) spent Christmas with my side of the family in good ol’ Yakima.

Here are just a few snippets of the goings on:

I colored in Ben’s tattoos with washable markers and he looked very festive in red and green.

Remus joined in the festivity as well, but didn’t like getting her picture taken.

Of course there were board games…

And presents wrapped in silly ways.

Ben asked me for a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. I was happy to oblige. Steve made the amazing nativity stencil.

This was our first Christmas with Rubi, she joined right in with the crazy Smith-family traditions.

Liz wrapped my gift like a wedding cake, and Ben did his best to distract you from looking at it.

And my beloved Steve spent hours knitting me this amazing hat of his own design.  It keeps the hair off my neck so I don’t itch.  He is simply wonderful.

I hope that you and yours had a fantastic Christmas as well.

Happy Holidays!

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