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The goals I made this year were more of a to-do list format than I’ve done in past years.  I’ve made a dry-erase chart with a list of things to to daily, to do weekly, and to do monthly.

Last’s years list was kind of a flop, since many of my things were related to movement and I ended up with a hernia on January 2nd.  I’m hoping to lighten the load this year.

Nevertheless, I’m behind again already.  I’ve yet to check off the “Write a Blog Post” on my weekly column yet this year, although I plan on doing so tonight.  Part of that might be related to the fact that our camera quit working a few days before Christmas, so we only have our phones right now.

Because I’m in a sharing mood, here are my goals:


  • Beds made
  • Family scripture study
  • Exercise
  • Take fiber
  • Read to the kids
  • Dishes away
  • Wipe counters
  • Wipe table
  • Sweep
  • Personal scripture study
  • I should have added “Laundry away.” That might be included in an update.


  • Family Home Evening

Musical number

  • Journal
  • Read the Relief Society lesson
  • Vacuum the living room
  • Vacuum the bedrooms
  • Mop
  • Clean the toilet
  • Dust
  • Empty all the garbages
  • Clean the microwave (this could have been a monthly, I think)
  • Finish a sewing project (this is turning into a daily lately)
  • Library or park
  • Blog post


  • Date with Steve
  • Temple trip
  • Visiting teaching
  • Read a novel
  • Pick out pictures for annual photo album (more likely to accomplish if I do a month at a time)
  • Wash the sheets
  • Scrub the shower
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Wash the mirrors
  • Dust the ceiling fans

There you go.  It is interesting, I’m finding that the things I am most likely to check off each day are not the ones I would have guessed.  I’m finding I’m much more likely to do the cleaning than most of the other tasks (well, except sewing).  I certainly don’t see that as my strong suit, but it looks like my good, better, best priorities might need some straightening out.

I’m hoping that, because I like to share my craftiness on this blog, I’ll be more inclined to write as I share my weekly sewing project accomplishments.  Already this year I’ve reupholstered our dining room chairs (yeah, microfiber wasn’t nearly as kid-friendly as I may have led you to believe), made a teething guard on Mikey’s crib (he is a gnawer!), half-fixed Evelyn’s bed skirt (it could use a trim),

Evelyn's bed

mended a handful of items, made Mikey some new church pants, embroidered a stack of things I had been saving since my machine quit working last summer, and a few other little things.  I love having my machines in working order again.

And there you have it, my 2013 goals/resolutions/what have you.

I’ll do my good better best to keep you more updated this year!


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Oh, Christmas Tree


I’m showing off the felt Christmas tree I made for Evelyn. The ornaments are attached with Velcro. She loves it. I made 25 ornaments so that I can use it as an advent in future years. One a day is too hard at 2 years old.


For our advent this year, I’m using the idea I found here, letting her unwrap one book each night before bed. In other felt ornament news, I had another lovely exchange with my mom her friends (who are also my friends). Here is what I made this year:


I varied the colors on each one and loved the way they turned out. I’ll try hard to remember to share more of our Christmas on here!

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Hooray for having a creative outlet!!

I haven’t had a moment without the kids all over me in over  a week.  Most of that time I’ve been cooped up in the house recovering from hernia repair surgery with one breast hanging out of my shirt and a baby latched on.  I’m a little overdue for some me time.  And while I still haven’t taken that hour alone at the grocery store that my brain needs, it was nice to be able to accomplish some things today, between feedings and diaper changes.

First off, I finished this towel for a little girl in Florida who is getting baptized next Saturday.  You’ll have to pardon the lighting, my camera makes it look like the shiny fabric and thread don’t match the stripes on the towel.  They do match.  Also, the text is much more legible in real life.

These striped towels have been popular in my Etsy shop, and I love making them for people.

To sleep, perchance to dream

In other embroidery news, I made 2 pillowcases as gifts for the girls who are helping my mom and sister direct the Shakespeare play they are doing with their elementary & middle school students.  They are opening tonight, but I’m going on Saturday.  4th through 8th graders doing Julius Caesar, that should be interesting.

In case you weren’t aware, “To sleep, perchance to dream.” is a line from Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be…” monologue where he is contemplating suicide due to the recent incest and murder in his family.  Not really something you want to dream about, but the line is pretty when it is out of context and stitched on a pillow.

And finally, because the weather is getting warmer I decided Evelyn needed some jammies other than fleece footies.  In my family we always slept in Dad’s old t-shirts (many of them worn-out Domino’s Pizza uniforms), so I went with that idea and used some T-shirts and transformed them into nightgowns.

It has a simple onesie-type head opening, and I was able to do the whole thing on my serger rather easily.  I used the shirt’s original hems for the bottom and sleeve hems on the nightgown, so I can whip up several of these in an hour.  Very fun.

And that is what I’ve been up to today.  Maybe I’ll get around to fixing Steve’s holey work pants tonight if Mikey ever quits eating.

What are you sewing?

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Potty training

Evelyn just told me she needed to use the potty, then she actually did- number 1 and number 2. Hooray! That means she gets a jelly bean AND a cookie. It also means she gets to try out her new panties.

I’ve really been frustrated in my search for underwear smaller than size 2T. There are cloth diaper companies that sell training pants in the 18 month size, but they are expensive and still too big.

I’ve finally found my solution! Evelyn has a ton of bloomers/diaper covers that she doesn’t wear. With a onesie or tights under her dress, it seems superfluous. So I took an extra burp cloth, folded it, and stitched it into her bloomers. Viola! 2 minute training pants, in her size.  (Eek! My brain was broken and I forgot to give credit where credit is due when I originally posted this earlier today- here is my inspiration for this project.)

And if I didn’t already have several pairs of bloomers, this tutorial from Dana at Made works great, too. I can make several pairs in about an hour. The extra room for a diaper leaves the perfect amount of space for adding a burp cloth. Folded layers of flannel would work just as well, I’m sure.

Now, if only potty training was that easy…

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In an effort to increase my holiday sales and encourage myself to list some new items  by clearing out the old, I’ve dramatically reduced my prices in my Etsy shop for one week only in honor of Cyber Monday.

Go check it out and let me know if there is something you would like!

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I still make things…


It has been awhile since I shared a creation with you, so I thought I would show off the fun chenille blanket I made this summer for my friend Mandi’s baby boy, Tucker.

I love how all the layers of blues turned out. I backed it with some soft fuzzy fabric and it will be nice and cozy for him this winter. This was fun to make, albeit very time-consuming.  If I had my way this would be my new go-to baby gift, but I think I might need to stick to faster projects with the rate my friends reproduce!

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Curtain dress


I made this dress out of yard sale curtains. If we’re judging on cuteness, I’m thinking she beats Scarlett O’hara by a mile.

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