First Time on the Swings


We had a few nice days last week and made a couple trips to the park. This picture is Mikey’s first time in a real swing. He hated it at first, but Steve got him to calm down and eventually he loved it. Sorry to our loved ones in blizzards for posting this today!

Resolutions and Such

The goals I made this year were more of a to-do list format than I’ve done in past years.  I’ve made a dry-erase chart with a list of things to to daily, to do weekly, and to do monthly.

Last’s years list was kind of a flop, since many of my things were related to movement and I ended up with a hernia on January 2nd.  I’m hoping to lighten the load this year.

Nevertheless, I’m behind again already.  I’ve yet to check off the “Write a Blog Post” on my weekly column yet this year, although I plan on doing so tonight.  Part of that might be related to the fact that our camera quit working a few days before Christmas, so we only have our phones right now.

Because I’m in a sharing mood, here are my goals:


  • Beds made
  • Family scripture study
  • Exercise
  • Take fiber
  • Read to the kids
  • Dishes away
  • Wipe counters
  • Wipe table
  • Sweep
  • Personal scripture study
  • I should have added “Laundry away.” That might be included in an update.


  • Family Home Evening

Musical number

  • Journal
  • Read the Relief Society lesson
  • Vacuum the living room
  • Vacuum the bedrooms
  • Mop
  • Clean the toilet
  • Dust
  • Empty all the garbages
  • Clean the microwave (this could have been a monthly, I think)
  • Finish a sewing project (this is turning into a daily lately)
  • Library or park
  • Blog post


  • Date with Steve
  • Temple trip
  • Visiting teaching
  • Read a novel
  • Pick out pictures for annual photo album (more likely to accomplish if I do a month at a time)
  • Wash the sheets
  • Scrub the shower
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Wash the mirrors
  • Dust the ceiling fans

There you go.  It is interesting, I’m finding that the things I am most likely to check off each day are not the ones I would have guessed.  I’m finding I’m much more likely to do the cleaning than most of the other tasks (well, except sewing).  I certainly don’t see that as my strong suit, but it looks like my good, better, best priorities might need some straightening out.

I’m hoping that, because I like to share my craftiness on this blog, I’ll be more inclined to write as I share my weekly sewing project accomplishments.  Already this year I’ve reupholstered our dining room chairs (yeah, microfiber wasn’t nearly as kid-friendly as I may have led you to believe), made a teething guard on Mikey’s crib (he is a gnawer!), half-fixed Evelyn’s bed skirt (it could use a trim),

Evelyn's bed

mended a handful of items, made Mikey some new church pants, embroidered a stack of things I had been saving since my machine quit working last summer, and a few other little things.  I love having my machines in working order again.

And there you have it, my 2013 goals/resolutions/what have you.

I’ll do my good better best to keep you more updated this year!

Oh, Christmas Tree


I’m showing off the felt Christmas tree I made for Evelyn. The ornaments are attached with Velcro. She loves it. I made 25 ornaments so that I can use it as an advent in future years. One a day is too hard at 2 years old.


For our advent this year, I’m using the idea I found here, letting her unwrap one book each night before bed. In other felt ornament news, I had another lovely exchange with my mom her friends (who are also my friends). Here is what I made this year:


I varied the colors on each one and loved the way they turned out. I’ll try hard to remember to share more of our Christmas on here!

Happy Halloween 2012

In case you can’t tell, we went with an Alice in Wonderland theme this year.

Hope yours was a happy one, too!

Why hello, there!

Since I started blogging in September of 2008 I never missed a month without posting at least once.  Until this July, that is.  And then August, and then September.  Not quite sure what happened, but I think it has something to do with having 2 kids and Evelyn’s energy level.

I’m here to start over again today, and the reason is this:

Pecan Pie Muffins.

Ridiculous, I know, since I have the world’s 2 cutest, funniest kids to blog about and I haven’t.  And yet, these muffins… Well, I wouldn’t say I love them more than my kids, but they are pretty good at sitting still, not making messes, not screaming… and they taste amazing.  They were also fast and easy to make.  Don’t try and compare and contrast that with my kids, though.

I won’t lie, I’m pretty sure there is nothing healthy about them. But if you are going to eat them instead of a doughnut, or perhaps a piece of pecan pie, then I will let you pretend they are health food.

Try them out, the recipe can be found here:  http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/breads/pecan-pie-muffins-6/

*The only changes I made were to melt the butter first, rather than just softening it, and I added a few more pecans, since my food processor chopped more than 1 cups worth.  Also, I didn’t feel the need to put any extra butter on them before eating, they didn’t need it.

There is nothing I’d like better than to have my kids walk in their father’s shoes.

Or at least sit in them.

A belated Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband. We love you, baby!

June Photo Dump

We’ve been BUSY!!

Here is Mikey on his 2 month birthday.  He is about 12 lbs now, and is a smiley, happy baby.  He laughs at Evelyn and she thinks that is great!

We had our first camping trip of the year this month, we’re hoping to enjoy a few more. We bought a nice big tent and had a great time.

A few days later we went to Tacoma so Steve could take his FSOT test.  We’ll know the results of that in about a month.  We took Aunt Liz with us and played at the park while he took the test.  That evening we went to my brother Ben’s design show at the University of Washington.  He is amazing, check out the fabulous website he made for the show. (If you click on the “The Cast” tab, he is the one on the skateboard.) After the show we went out for Indian food to celebrate his (Ben’s) graduation, as well as the fact that it was my Mom’s 50th birthday.

Two days later, Friday, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday by throwing her a surprise party.  The big surprise was that my brother, Keith, and his family came to visit from Utah.

I marked the occasion by making her a 50 layer birthday cake.

That’s right- 50 layers.  I made some (delicious) crepes, and spread each one with a lemon curd/whipped cream filling.  I served it with a raspberry sauce. Very rich, very delicious. And you can’t beat the wow factor of a 50 layer cake.

The next day was Steve’s CWU graduation.  It was freezing cold, and so windy that the commencement speaker’s speech blew away, but it was a great ceremony.  Congratulations, honey! I’m so proud of you!

Steve’s family came down from Sequim and Yelm to celebrate with us, and since their hotel rooms were in Yakima, we decided to have our graduation celebration at my parent’s house.  Best taco bar I’ve ever had, if I do say so myself.  And, of course, my daughter provided plenty of entertainment for everyone.

My side of the family was there, too, making it a full house.  Aren’t my cousin/brother-in-law and my cousin-in-law/sister adorable?

The next morning Steve blessed little Mikey at our church, since all of our family was in town.  It was a beautiful blessing.  I’m a proud Momma and wife.

My sister-in-law made Mikey’s blessing outfit.  It is amazing, like everything she touches.  She also made Evelyn’s blessing dress.

There is our beautiful family on blessing day.  It wasn’t until later that I realized he was only wearing one shoe. My beautiful dress was a birthday gift from my friend, Mandi.

More partying ensued after the blessing (this time at our apartment), and my fridge is still full of leftover deliciousness.  After everyone left we decided we wanted to sleep for 3 days to recover, but since my family was still in town (albeit not my town…) we made some more Yakima trips instead.

There we played games (Carcasonne, anyone?), went to the movies, hung out and ate yummy food…

and even ran through the sprinklers and went swimming.

Tonight the kids and I made one more trip down, for a total of 7 days in Yakima in an 8 day period.  We ate pasta and pie in celebration of Lizzy’s birthday, which is on Sunday.  Keith et al leave tomorrow for their home sweet home, and Steve and I will be staying at ours, before heading back to Yakima on Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day and the aforementioned birthday.

And then we’re going to sleep for 3 days.